Fishbone Documentary "Everyday Sunshine" Featuring Gwen Debuts At LA Film Festival

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As we reported before, Gwen was interviewed and makes an appearance in the upcoming documentary on the story of Fishbone, Everyday Sunshine, which debuts this weekend at the LA Film Festival. We personally cannot wait to see it — and if anyone is lucky to see it, give us the heads up please!

Fishbone Soldier – 

Sat, Jun 19th 10:00pm $12 @ Regal – RSVP on Facebook

Mon, Jun 21st 8:00pm $12 @ Regal – RSVP on Facebook

Wed, Jun 23rd 5:30pm $12 @ Regal – RSVP on Facebook

Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone

Documentary Competition

(USA, 2010, 103 mins, DigiBeta – NTSC, HDCAM – NTSC)
World Premiere

Directed By: Chris Metzler,

Lev Anderson

Producers: Chris Metzler, Lev Anderson

Cinematographer: Jeff Springer

Editor: Jeff Springer

Cast: Fishbone, Flea, Ice-T, Perry Farrell, Gwen Stefani, Branford Marsalis & Narrated by Laurence Fishburne

This lively and loving documentary charts the turbulent history of the pioneering all-black rock band Fishbone. Formed in 1979 in South Central Los Angeles, Fishbone landed a major label record deal before graduating high school. After this early success, however, the band struggled for acceptance in a racially stratified music industry, while their unabashedly hybrid style has kept them proudly out of fashion for over three decades. Through frank interviews with the band, including eccentric co-founders Angelo Moore and Norwood Fisher, filmmakers Chris Metzler and Lev Anderson reveal the creative alchemy, the clash of egos, and the enduring friendships behind Fishbone’s storied career.

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