L.A.M.B. Presentation First Photos: Behind-The-Scenes And Onstage

Stunning! Thank you so much to Amanda for sharing with us, check out the first photo of Gwen backstage her showing of L.A.M.B. at Milk Studios for New York Fashion Week. More photos and coverage from the show will be coming soon. This look seems to have a military theme, we just added a look-by-look guide below the cut. Click below for credits and more photos!

What we know!

  • Zuma is in the audience rocking a little leather jacket and creepers
  • This season’s L.A.M.B. has a strong military influence
  • David Bowie is in attendance… with his shirt off
  • Gwen is heading home to Los Angeles before Valentines Day
  • Gwen’s security for the event was compared to the “secret service”
  • Thank you:







    Photos being added here!

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    1. Exactly right-stunning!!! Her hair,makeup,outfit-just gorgeous and perfect 🙂 Hope she is having a wonderful show-everyone there must be wowed!

    2. oh my god, she looks fantastic. Like… I seriously think this is the best she’s ever looked. Those SHOES, and that JACKET! Oh my godddd, she’s just so COOL!

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