First Look: Gwen’s April British Elle Magazine Cover

HOW STUNNING! Check out Gwen’s new cover of the April British edition for Elle magazine! Oh my goodness! She looks absolutely gorgeous! It says it’s “the romance issue” and the subtitle says “inside her world by her best friend”. We are curious what that means! The cover was shot the day after the L.A.M.B. show in New York a couple weeks ago and it’s so nice we get to see it so quickly! We have heard rumors that the issue should be on newstands in the next few weeks, subscribers should get it first, and it’s also said to have an alternate cover. Check back for the latest news regarding the cover!

But don’t fear US kids… the magazine is usually readily available in bookstores at Borders, Barnes & Nobles, etc.

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  1. Yay! I love that magazine, Gwen looks so gorgeous! I subscribe to it, so I should be getting it within the next few days… that’s where the alternative cover comes in, I’ll post it as soon as it gets here! 🙂

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