Video: Gwen Debuts “Start A War” Live

Surprise! Gwen treated all of the lucky concert goers tonight with her new ballad “Start A War” live in Los Angeles! The track was co-written with Sia and seems like a strong contender for an upcoming single.

Thank you to the fans for capturing this special moment for all of us to enjoy and hear!

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  1. First new song I can actually say I think is really good. I knew it was in there. This definitely should be the next single, after STF she needs to release this its more mature and a slower tempo. So beautiful. She also does some pretty interesting vocals on it too. Love gwens vibrato 🙂

  2. One of the images on the back video, showing a staircase, looks a lot like her old house. As for the song, I think I need to listen to it a few more times to know if I like, sobfar I really enjoyed the chorus. Hopefully if this is the new single, that means they might be ready to release her album soon or at least give a date.

  3. The show was beyond my expectations! This song was so lovely, and much better to hear in person…believe that. I can’t wait for HQ. I also won a pair of Beats by Dr. Dre headphones from the MasterCard/Gwen Twitter vending machine thing. All in all it was such an “amazing time”. OH! And before the show my instagram from two days ago was featured. It was shocking!!! I simply posted a picture of Gwen on Thursday saying “See you Saturday” and tonight it was on the big screen before she took the stage. I died! And gained some new followers too haha.

  4. YYY, not her worst either. 😉 Actually I prefer Start A War than Elastic Heart or My Heart Is Open, for example.

  5. This song is Gwen down to the ground… Lyrically it reminds me of U Started It? She seems to have endless fuel for these kind of don’t lie to me/please let’s not argue type songs!

  6. I love this side of Gwen too. I like when she’s vulnerable and exposed. That’s why her ballads are always amazing! You can tell this is Sia, but at the same time Gwen made it her own, instead of channelling her like Rihanna for example with Diamonds.

  7. Yeah I hope it doesn’t take too long until we get to hear the studio version of this. I feel like this might be a very strong contendor for the next single, so maybe we don’t have to wait very long.

  8. Love it !!! Her ballads never dissapoint. Does sound alot like Elastic Heart, but I think that’s just Sia’s “sound”. If it gets released as a single I hope management gives it a fair shot! (unlike stf & bdl)

  9. This song was beautiful. I was so nice to hear her hit different notes and the lyrics are beautiful!!! I didn’t take too much footage because my seat wasn’t the best but I am glad I was able to hear it firsthand & live!

    THank you Gwen.

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