First Listen Fan Reaction to “Baby Don’t Lie”


Okay! Our good friend Kristen was able to listen to Gwen’s brand new solo single “Baby Don’t Lie” this morning and sent us in a little insight to the “tribal” sounding song written with OneRebuplic’s Ryan Tedder and Benny Blanco.

The song has been sent out to radio with a tentative release date of October 6 but is still being worked out to coincide with The Voice.

Kristen describes the song as “total top 40” and features a “driving beat” with “crazy catchy, repetitive vocal lines in the chorus”. She says it has a “tribal” feel that features men chanting “oohs” during the track. Kristen says that the song reminds her of Jeremih’s “Don’t Tell Em” except “Baby Don’t Lie” comes across as “lighter and not urban sounding”.

She can’t share much more about the song but can confirm that a holiday solo album release for Gwen is the plan as well as a future release from No Doubt. This is seriously the best news ever and we are so excited and incredibly happy for Gwen and the band!

“All right, y’all, I’ve been trying to think of the most accurate way to describe the song to you. First – IT’S GOOD. You can definitely tell Ryan Tedder wrote it. A lot of the elements you can hear in OneRepublic’s latest single “Love Runs Out” and Adele’s “Rumor Has It” (which he wrote with her) are there – that driving beat in particular; the short, crazy catchy, repetitive vocal lines in the chorus, with men chanting “ooh”s after it which all together give it that, “tribal” feel that’s been in a trend in pop music lately. The instrumentation in the verses reminds me of that Jeremih, song “Don’t Tell ‘Em” except Gwen’s song is lighter and not urban sounding, just the best description I can find. It’s TOTAL Top 40, way more so than Hot AC. Also they are not sure about the 10/6 release date. They need to coordinate with the Voice. That’s most of the info I have and all I can share. Looking good for a solo album by the holidays and YES I got confirmation the label knows there is new No Doubt in the works too!! No details about that but I am guessing it will be poppy and everyone seems to be hoping Gwen uses the solo time to draw a line back to the band. There you go!”

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  1. 🙌 Wow! I’m liking the description so far. That’s why she kept insisting on the tribal thing during the NYFW ’cause that’s exactly where she’s at. I can even picture her using some of those clothes for the video and promo.
    When I think of tribal I also think of Major Lazer, I wonder if the song could also resemble some of their work? I’m curious about it.
    Thanks for sharing this info, Kristen!

  2. I just love BSO and all the information it provides! 😀 The description sounds amazing! Tribal sound, chanting men, crazy lyrics… I am all here for that! Maybe it’ll have a Santigold-ish sound, but obviously more mainstream.

  3. I think Gwen finally learned she can’t draw a line in the sand. She can’t do just HL or just LAMB. And the same is with her music. For it to work it has to be all flowing. As a fan I do not mind at all. 🙂

  4. Kristen also said: No, not like Major Lazer, not quite that EDM/party vibe, it doesn’t remind me of any previous solo Gwen song. MAYBE a less chill “Candyland,” but the tempo is faster and the instrumentation is totally different. It sounds like if OneRepublic was fronted by a woman and is more produced than they are.

  5. No clips of the song, unfortunately! Interscope keeps their new music on LOCK DOWN. They have a woman’s voice saying the name of the rep who played it for me over the track about every 20 seconds, so if it leaks, they know who to fire. I hope when y’all hear it that you don’t think my description is too off, ha 🙂 I can’t wait ’til we’re all dancing to it!!

  6. Out of curiosity, do you know what songs they played at the fashion show? It’s usually an indicative of the direction she may take on the album.

    1. I’m not really sure to be honest. To me it just sounded like a instrumental mix created for the show but if not I would love to know. I’m a fashion show playlist junkie, lol.

  7. Btw a clip of Fergie’s new song has surfaced. Not sure if it’s the real thing ’cause it sounds looped but if that’s the case then it’s plain bad.

  8. Where’s the Fergie clip? I heard that song today, too. I can confirm if it’s real or not. I also heard the new Kendrick Lamar and that is going to be a freaking SMASH.

  9. Yes, that is the Fergie song. A really obnoxious section of it, anyway! The whole thing doesn’t sound like that. It’s got a dark feeling to it.

    I can’t find the leaked Kendrick song. All I’m seeing on YouTube is some jazz loop that 12,000 people were really hoping was “(i) (love myself).” He samples a guitar riff from “Who’s That Lady.” It’ll make you happy the second it starts playing.

  10. Thanks for the info. Yeah I I thought that clip sounded a bit dodgy. Not a big fan of her but I’m sure the song is far better than that, especially for a 1st single.

  11. Rita could be a good door opener for the UK market, though. She won’t do anything for Gwen’s comeback in the USA obviously as Rita is still a nobody there (apart from “Black Widow”, which isn’t her song), but she is huge in the UK.

  12. I read that she’s itching to break into the US scene. Calvin Harris basically blocked her from using any of the recorded material after she dumped her. So she had to start her album from zero. Yeah she’s that bad, I heard saying. So if she had someone like Gwen Stefani on her album she would benefit a lot. She’s smart!

  13. I would just be so happy for 2 or 3 uptempo big hits and hearing her a lot in the clubs again. I hope it is a genuinely undeniable hit for her. L.A.M.B. was such a special time for me and a lot of us. Hearing Gwen in clubs where you usually don’t hear her, where she is being exposed to new people she doesn’t usually reach, seeing everyone dance, drinking and sing to her was so cool. I remember What You Waiting For playing with the music video on the screens and everyone going crazy was back around Christmas 2004. I want that again!

  14. This is all so exciting. Can’t believe we’re so close to getting a new Gwen music. And No Doubt is also in works. That’s so great to hear.

    Just heard a preview of Fergie’s new single. I think it’s going to suck.

    Also excited for new Kendrick. Kristen, can you tell us a few more things about his single? If that’s not problem. Thanks.

  15. I like the Fergie’s preview, and I think it’s a little tribal too, dont you guys think? Idk, I just heard some reggae vibes.

  16. Ty – The Kendrick song starts with a really fun, warm guitar riff and then a fanatic beat kicks in and it just OOZES feel good vibes; it’s like old school west coast hip hop meets Outkast. He sings “I love myself!” pretty quickly and I was just blown away by how much I immediately loved it.

    Doom – Gwen’s vocals are in a pretty deep register for her on BDL. A lot of the vocal stylings that you hear on P&S (the song) are prominent here. There are moments were she gets aggressive. So, attitudey, I guess 🙂

  17. Yeah, she’s telling “baby” not to lie to her. Same theme we’ve seen present on every album since “Detective.” Or “Bathwater,” even. Nothing new lyrically here.

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