Fans Meet Gwen in NYC

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Two seperate Instagram users – brookers3 and jessicaaudia – waited for the band at their hotel after the NFL Kickoff show last night and got to meet Gwen! She looked beautiful and we’re so happy for these fans :).

brookers3 – My friend is a super no doubt/gwen fan, and I happen to love them too and we saw them do the NFL kick off show then waited for them at their hotel!

jessicaaudiajessicaaudia – Me and my queen. There’s no words to describe the moment we just had @gwenstefani

4 Replies to “Fans Meet Gwen in NYC”

  1. I met Gwen Last month when she came to south FL, I have been a SUPER FAN of hers for yearssssss. I just had a baby recently and havent seen anything but the 4 walls of my house lately so when i happened to be out only bc it was my High School reunion i Ran into her at the most random spot I STILL CANT BELIEVE IT!! After chasing her down and stalking her for a good 20 min i had a friend ask her for a pic w/ me .( i really was paranoid about bothering her bc she was with Gavin Kingston Zuma n Nanny) She asked me to hold on while she watched kingston do a kartwheel . Then Graciously snapped pic w me i couldnt even look her in the face i was so starstruck! i think i looked down and mumbled im sorry really sorry im just a huge fan of yours , and i love you! she was probably like whatever but i am Legit lol So funny only a couple people noticed it was her, you can tell she wanted to be low key. This was Literally a dream Come true running into your IDOL!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?~? Ahhh I love her how can i post my pic?

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