Fan-Created “Baby Don’t Lie” Illustrated Lyric Video

Check out an amazing fan-created illustrated lyric video for “Baby Don’t Lie” taking inspirations from both the single cover and music video created by Gabrial Marques. The video is spectacular and we really hope Gwen and her team checks it out!

GSBDL FINAL from mr. gabriel marques on Vimeo.

8 Replies to “Fan-Created “Baby Don’t Lie” Illustrated Lyric Video”

  1. I love the Baby Don’t Lie music video. People need to stop being such haters (and understand what lo-fi and glitch art trends are).

  2. Personally I liked the video for BDL but I’m also a fan of everything glitch art, so… lol Those kind of visuals are very now. Anyway I can understand why many people didn’t like it. To be honest, it looks a bit rushed like there’s something missing.

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