Facebook find: Rare Vintage Photo of Gwen

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Ahh! This is so rad! Thank you so much to Facebook user Paris Corpus for sharing this super awesome picture of Gwen in the 80’s along with this story. We love it all!

Hey there so my dad found this pic from a girl he went to school with ether going to or coming back from (it was along time ago) camp fox in 1986. My dad told me a story that him and his friend jamie were at the pizza poler across the street from loara high school my dad saw gwen (he believes that she was working there and that she was ether 16 or 17 at the time) and throught she was cute and his friend jamie said I’ll go talk to her for u lol but instead he cocked block my dad and jamie kept gwen’s number lol. My dad had good friend name Joey Byle who remembers alot of those fun times.

6 Replies to “Facebook find: Rare Vintage Photo of Gwen”

  1. Mrs. Gwen Looked Good Back then, no surprise. She shore had a lot ahead of her. I am glad she made it and is so successful today.

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