Facebook Find: Private Party in Hollywood

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Thanks so much to the performance troop Hollywood Hotshots for sharing this picture of Gwen and Gavin at a private party in the Hollywood Hills this past Sunday night! Gwen looks stunning (we’re love, love, loving her hair lately). An admin for the group left a comment on the photo that said “Gwen use to come dance at the derby with her brother so I was sure it was cool.” Not 100% sure what that means! Maybe some of our old school Cali No Doubter’s can fill us in on this cute little fact!

6 Replies to “Facebook Find: Private Party in Hollywood”

  1. I remember a solo album audio interview where Gwen talked about going to dance at this place when she was like 13 to dance to Debbie Deb and other songs.

  2. The Derby is or was should I say since it is closed down now, a dance club that was in LA. It was cheap to get in and had cheap drinks and stuff. I think the dance place you guys are thinking of was Studio K at Knott’s Berry Farm. I know the whole band used to go there and dance back when it was open in the 80s. The only reason I know that is because my mom and dad met there as they would go on a weekly basis just like ND.

  3. I love her hair like this too! even when it’s flat ironed straight!! One day I will get my pic with Gwen!!!

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