Fabcon: Gwen Stefani


We all know Gwen is an icon, but it’s so nice to hear her getting recognized by others. Fabsuger just posted an excellent article and over 30 photos of Gwen’s evolving style over the years. It’s amazing to see how far she’s come, even though I think her old quirky style rocked so hard!

‘Cause she’s just a girl . . . Can you believe Gwen’s been in the music biz over 15 years? Her music, her style, her swagger — Gwen has everything a girl needs. In fact, she’s the reason I started wearing beater tanks circa ’95. We all know her music is dope, so I’m going to focus on her style. Her fashion sense is undoubtedly cool, that’s why she created L.A.M.B, but let’s dig deeper. When Gwen first hit the big time in 1995, she was wearing eccentric rock and punk ensembles — complete with blue hair and crazy braids. Over the years, she’s kept her tomboy style but has fine-tuned it to emote a more glamorous rock vibe. I can’t wait to see No Doubt in concert (again) this Summer!

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