Exclusive: Special Meet and Greet in 2000

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Huge thank you to Dawn for sending in another exclusive photo and story into us! Check out a photo of her sister posing with Gwen back in 2000 after the band’s special acoustic performance for ArtistDirect. They both look super cute! Here is also a short story shared by Dawn about the lucky meet and greet.

Back when ND’s website still had the layout of a treasure map I used to go on constantly throughout the day. On probably my 10th visit that day, the layout had changed with a message saying the next 10 ppl to email the site would win tix for a private ND show. Well i was the 2nd one to email! The private show was held at a soundstage in Hollywood and I took my then 15 yr old sister w me. It was acoustic and was a webcast being taped live. Gwens mom and sister and little niece Madeline sat behind us. Afterwards, Gwen changed into the pink dress she is wearing and we got pics. Mine is somewhere in the garage, but heres hers for now.

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