Exclusive Scans: Gwen Featured In Legends Of Pop Hardcover Book

I was meaning to scan this awhile ago, but I’m starting off a scanning frenzy so I finally got them up. While cruising around Borders this last holiday season, I came across a Legends of Pop hardcover book for $3.99… and guess who has a two page spread on the inside? Gwen! Two pages in that book is a pretty big deal! I have scanned it for everyone and you can check out the larger versions in our gallery. They discuss her growing career, her greatest hits, and they talk about the ska revival in OC including No Doubt, Goldfinger, Sublime, and more.

Click here for more photos!

Also just wanted to mention that I am scanning tons of my leftover clippings from over the years and will be adding them to the gallery all day today. I will make an update when a massive amount has been added. Have any scans that you would like to contribute? Let me know! Thanks!

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  1. Thanks SO much for posting this,Jenny! Awesome article-I loved how they said that none of her achievements seemed ”calculated ot dishonest;”-that’s so true.

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