Exclusive Rare Photo: Gwen With Pete From The Porkers

Thanks to our good friend Glo for sending into us a treasure! She came across a super rare photo of Gwen (looks like from the 1995 summer Warped Tour) with Pete Cooper from the former Australian ska band, The Porkers. The band actually opened up for No Doubt when they toured Australia in September of 1996. Pretty cool, huh? Pete seemed to really enjoy having Gwen around and said that he was really lucky to have her on the side of the stage while the toured together.

Here are a few comments left by Pete and his friends on another live shot of himself while touring with the band:

Learning to fly at Selinas, Sydney, ’95. It’s amazing what you can do when Gwen Stefani is standing side stage……

well she invited me onstage with them later that evening…

I’ve heard on a No Doubt audio documentary and Gwen mentioned about Pete from The Porkers…

I actually caught the the bunch of flowers she through out during just a girl and the finale with you and no doubt was fucking awesome

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