Exclusive: Rare 1996 Clipping Of Gwen

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We just wanted to share this super rare clipping of Gwen from a newspaper article that was sent into us. You might recognize this photo — it appears briefly in the “Running” video during a montage. It was taken of her in March of 1996 while getting ready to head out to a show. We love her “ruder than you” and band stickers on her makeup box.

“I never thought I’d leave Orange County, let alone be playing in places like India, Israel and Spain”, says singer Gwen Stefani, seen here the day of a performance in March 1996.

3 Replies to “Exclusive: Rare 1996 Clipping Of Gwen”

  1. im almost positive that this is before the show they played opening for Bush and Goo Goo dolls at the pond in anaheim.

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