Exclusive Photos: Rare Vintage Items

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Huge thank you to Kelly for sending into us! Check out some really rare and personal items made by members of the band!

Okay, someone has to remember this. I am mentioned as a contributor but I couldn’t find anything I contributed. I do remember writing a review of a show in about “95 but its not in this zine. Any ideas on this?

This is one of the original tanks that Gwen made.. I wore it to death. ♥ it.

Patch that ND made, I bought it at Bionic records in Huntington and it was sewed to various bags and jackets over the years, till it settled on a piece of luggage. I just cut it off and framed it. 🙂

3 Replies to “Exclusive Photos: Rare Vintage Items”

  1. kelly submitted some photos for that zine way back in ’03. . . i think some of nina young and maybe some live shots too, but you know, it’s been almost a decade so this EIC is having a hard time remembering 😉

  2. the people that published that zine are mentionned as well in it. it was gaby(soundquake) and tia(minigwen)’s project during the rock steady era. they only did 2 issues i think.

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