Exclusive Photos: Gwen Spotted Picking Up Some Harajuku Mini!

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W-O-W!!! Our buddy AJ (who sent us exclusive photos yesterday from the event!) ran into Gwen AGAIN this morning while shopping at Target! How exciting! Gwen and her parents were spotted there checking out the new line that debuted in stores today! She looks gorgeous and we love that she was there! Congratulations again to AJ for spotting Gwen and getting another photo! And sending it into us of course! So jealous!

8 Replies to “Exclusive Photos: Gwen Spotted Picking Up Some Harajuku Mini!”

  1. OH MY GOD!! Two days in a row!? I wanna know what Target that is, I’ll start goin there on the off chance I run into her sometime ;p

  2. I love that Gwen’s mom is sporting her L.A.M.B. satchel!

    I picked up my daughter practically the whole girl’s collection…lucky girlie! Way cute!

  3. Hey Ms, Jenny, I hope you are well and very happy. I just wanted to say that Mrs. Gwen is so Beautiful, Her L. A. M. B outfit looks wonderful. But Mrs. Gwen would look great if she was wearing potato sack. She is so talented. Mr. Gavin is a handsome fellow for sure the two little boys are wonderful. It is like they are a family of talented models. Mr. Dennis and Mom look like they are doing well. I prey that the whole gang are well and happy like little Larks. God Bless the Rossdale and the Stefani families, May they always be safe and happy. Bye Bye.

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