Exclusive Photos: Fan Meets Gwen In London; Gwen Confirms Last Fragrance

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Incredible! HUGE thank you to our good friend (and lucky fan!) Michele, whom was able to run into Gwen yesterday afternoon in sunny London while they were out. Not only was she super polite, but posed for photos, answered a few questions and even signed all of his Harajuku Lovers fragrances! Gwen confirmed to Michele that “Jingle G” will be the last fragrance from Harajuku Lovers. Sad news! Also, she can confirm to us that the upcoming album is “amazing” — like we didn’t already know! Gwen looked amazing and she is always so incredibly gracious. Thank you again to Michele for always sending in his exclusives to us!

4 Replies to “Exclusive Photos: Fan Meets Gwen In London; Gwen Confirms Last Fragrance”

  1. Amanda, I know right! I want some sooo bad, as well as her black ones that she’s been rocking for awhile. I love the shape of them!

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