Exclusive: L.A.M.B. Handbags Now Developed By Artisan House; Designing For “Fashion Oriented” Consumer

Well this is pretty interesting… and explains a lot! In a new recent feature in WWD magazine, it’s been revealed that Gwen and her L.A.M.B. team have moved on from founders of the line, Schifter + Partners (whom helped launch the line back in 2003) and are now with Artisan House, a creative force behind a few luxury brands including Charlotte Ronson. But, what’s shocking is more why the move happened, and I feel like all questions haven’t been answered though.

Artisan House president Laura Maya goes on to say in the article that L.A.M.B. has been looked at as very young. It was growing hard for Gwen to wear her L.A.M.B. handbag designs anymore and feel good about them. Her aeshetic has evolved. It is true that we haven’t seen Gwen rocking newer looks lately, and if you are a L.A.M.B. handbag consumer, you might have found that it’s been quite difficult to find most reason designs in stores. Nordstrom reps have even disclosed that some stores have discontinued them and are planning to relaunch the line in stores when the newer bags arrive… made of better material. I honestly think it’s a good move on Gwen and L.A.M.B.’s part. I have personally been let down with the quality of some bags in the past, so this is for the better. You may have also notice that the latest designs from the line look more “grown up” — Laura also mentioned that the line is going for more “edge” and “sophistication”. All bags are still going to be price pointed under $500.

Harajuku Lovers is now under Artisan House as well.

We will try to keep following the story and keep all you L.A.M.B.ies updated! Below is what I transcribed from the article from WWD magazine — huge thanks to Julie for sending into us!

Steve Russo is a gambler.

The man behind backpacks emblazoned with characters from Marvel Comics, SpongeBob Squarepants and Hello Kitty is the new kingpin of the contemporary handbag market, a sector known for being overcrowded, highly competitive and unfocused from a fashion standpoint.

Under Artisan House, the upscale spin off of his lucatrive children’s accessories firm Fab Starpoint, Russo has quietly amassed a portfolio of five contemporary handbag brands — and is in the process of signing a sixth before the year is up.

This month, Artisan House, which already owned Isabella Fiore and Danielle Nicole, bought handbag and apparel brand Foley + Corinna. It also signed renewable multiyear licensing deals with Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B. brand and with Charlotte Ronson, which will launch its first handbag collection this fall.

For L.A.M.B., Artisan House will work to reposition the brand to appeal to a more fasion-oriented consumer, a move the brand’s founder Gwen Stefani has been eager to implement for some time.

“Artisan House has been great in giving me total creative freedom. They are passionate about great design, quality and value,” the designer and pop singer told WWD.

Along with L.A.M.B., Stefani took her other handbag line, Harajuku Lovers, to Russo’s Fab, effectively severing ties with Schifter + Partners, the company that helped to launch both brands.

Schifter + Partners declined to comment.

“We felt like L.A.M.B. was very young,” said Artisan House president Laura Maya. “It became increasingly difficult for Gwen to wear the product and feel good about it. Her aeshetic has evolved. We didn’t want to go back into the market with the same product.”

Looking to expand it’s reach, L.A.M.B., which recently collaborated on a punk-inspired spring 2012 jewelry line with Noir, has added more “edge” and “sophistication” to its handbag collection, according to Mays, who added that handbag price points would remain under $500.

Shoppers will see Artisan House’s influence on Foley + Corinna and L.A.M.B. in their Spring 2012 collections.

Here are the most recent handbags from L.A.M.B., and the first from Artisan House.

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  1. This is great news! I’ve only had one HL bad actually rip on me and one bag (I don’t know what the material is) tear two tiny wholes. This is out of more than 15 HL bags and at least 6-8 LAMB bags. I did notice I couldn’t find them at Nordstrom anymore. I actually have seen a few at The Rack but selection is very limited. OH! I find more at Saks Off Broadway Outlet store in the Ontario Mills Mall in ontario, CA if anyone is interested.

  2. What’s with that pic of Gwen carrying the gift? Her teeth look wonky. It looks like someone photoshopped them to look weird or something.

  3. Gwen’s teeth do not look like this lol this has been photoshop , google pics of her if you question it…she had braces and her teeth are straight

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