Exclusive Coverage: Harajuku Mini Party Happening At Jim Henson Studios

Again, we want to thank everyone for checking out our exclusive live coverage from Gwen’s Harajuku Mini for Target launch party. The event was held at the Jim Henson Studios in Los Angeles and kicked off around 4:00 PM. HUGE thank you to our good friend AJ for sending in his exclusive photos and info to us, and it was incredible! The event was a huge success and several famous faces came out to support Gwen and the new line, including Tom, Tony and their families. All the coverage is put under the cut now, so click below on “read more” to check out all that went down!

Click here for the latest photos!

8:30 PM

Just wanted to mention that we added over 60+ LQ photos from inside the event — better quality photos coming soon!

5:15 PM

Thansk to Jane — both Kingston and Zuma joined Gwen on the runway in looks from Harajuku Mini!

4:30 PM

Gwen posed with the models right after the show and looks like she’s giving serveral interviews to the media! Can’t wait to see all of it!

Zuma also joined Gwen on the runway this time!

4:26 PM

Thanks to Morgan again! Here is our first look inside the event which kicked off around 4:00! Kingston also modeled some looks on the runway! How cute!

Here is a list of a few attendees: Tom Dumont, Tony Kanal, Selma Blair, Robin Thicke, Soleil Moon Frye, Ali Larter and more.

4:18 PM

Thanks to our buddy Darren — Tony, Erin (we hope she’s doing okay!) and baby Coco! How sweet!

4:07 PM

Thanks to Morgan, check out this adorbale shot of Gwen! She looks amazing tonight! We wish her and the Target team the best of luck!

3:55 PM

Tom, Tony, Nina and Mieke were spotted arriving at the launch party! We are SO excited for this!

3:48 PM

Here is a photo of one of cute models getting her hair ready for the presentaion! Gwen’s hairstylist, Danilo, was seen working on the little girls’ hair as well.

3:20 PM

CONGRATULATIONS AJ! He was lucky enough to run into Gwen and then posed for a photo and sent it to me! They both look amazing! He also mentioned that he saw the nanny arrive without Gwen’s boys, but we are told they are also in attendance!

1:50 PM

Here is an up-close photo of the staff members shirts at the event.

1:30 PM

Here is an exclusive look at the outside of the party entrance! Thanks AJ for texting me the photos — more coming soon!

It’s been revealed that Gwen is hosting her Harajuku Mini launch party today at Jim Henson studios in Los Angeles! We will have more details soon — and we cannot wait to see photos from the event! Check back!

Thanks to @AlexandraBesore for a second confirmation!

Harajuku Mini for Target Launch Party at Jim Hensen Studios! Hope I get to meet Gwen Stefani! 😉 #StyleIcon

Please, also be reminded that these photos are BSO exclusive, and if you post them on your sites (which is fine!) please respect our hard work and provide us and AJ credit, thank you!

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