Exclusive: Gwen’s New Le Gloss Campaign In Stores Now

You can now find Gwen’s new L’Oreal campaign for Infallible Le Gloss 8 HR in stores! I took a few photos from my local display — she looks gorgeous! The shot does look like it came from her shoot last December, and they altered the color of her blouse (it was dark blue) and the color of her lips (which I don’t think is the best idea, but I guess most wouldn’t notice that!) Her ad is also debuting in the January issue of Marie Claire magazine as well.

Gwen is wearing the color “Pink Topaz” if you want to pick up her shade!

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  1. This shade look absolutely nothing like the one she is wearing. Was so excited to go purchase this pink topaz lipgloss and it is a way more vibrant hot pink and does not have the sparkle the one in the picture does! I like these glosses but felt deceived by Gwen’s lip color in the ad!

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