Exclusive: Gwen’s MasterCard Priceless Surprises Scavenger Hunt


Starting tomorrow, February 2, Gwen and MasterCard will be kicking off a social media scavenger hunt in the Los Angeles area where fans will be able to win tickets to her exclusive show on February 7 and even a chance to attend the Grammy Awards next Sunday. Select winners will also be able to get their hands on Mastercard gift cards. The scavenger hunt is open to all MasterCard card holders and fans must present their cards to collect prizes.

Gwen is set to announce the scavenger hunt via Twitter tomorrow and will reveal hints to specific locations for fans in the Los Angeles area. Once they discover and arrive at the locations, fans will be able to claim their tickets into the shows and gift cards. The contest will will run starting tomorrow, Monday, February 2 until Thursday, February 5. @MasterCard will Tweet out locations during the week with 8 locations total, 2 per day. Fans must also follow their Twitter account to participate in the scavenger hunt.

We’re wishing all fans in the Los Angeles area the best of luck! What a fun and exciting way to kick off the new year and a unique opportunity to score your way into the shows!

Thank you so much to Jesse for sending in a press note about the upcoming scavenger hunt from Gwen and MasterCard. Check it out in full below!

Over a 4-day span from February 2nd to February 5th, MasterCard and Gwen Stefani will launch an exciting and buzz-worthy social media scavenger hunt promoting PricelessSurprises, and Gwen’s MasterCard’s exclusive cardholder concert on 2/7 at the Orpheum Theatre.

Gwen Stefani will launch the activation via a tweet that will be promoted by MasterCard. Embodying the true spirit and voice of Gwen Stefani, the scavenger hunt tweets will be comprised of hints for locations. Fans will scramble to decipher the message and rush to the believed locations around the Los Angeles area. If the correct location is discovered, fans may receive PricelessSurprises.

Fans who are first to arrive at the secret locations and show their MasterCards may be awarded with PricelessSurprises such as tickets to her concert Saturday night 2/7/15 or tickets for Grammys night on 2/8. Prizes also include MasterCard gift cards.

MasterCard will carry out the remaining clues for the hunt (8 total locations; 2 per day). Follow the clues delivered by @MasterCard starting 2/2 to participate.

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17 Replies to “Exclusive: Gwen’s MasterCard Priceless Surprises Scavenger Hunt”

  1. sounds cool but isn’t this mastercard deal supposed to be a national promotion? so far everything has been limited to the los angeles area…

  2. if I were famous I wouldnt feel comfortable having my fans run around a huge city like chickens with their heads cut off in order to prove their support of me. Seems quite tacky and very corporate. But hey, this is the world we live in

  3. To be honest this whole Mastercard deal rubs me the wrong way. As an artist, I would want my “comeback” show to be something ALL my fans can experience, not just Mastercard holders. It’s obvious the show is only taking place because Mastercard gave her a fat check, not because she actually wants to perform and revist her old solo hits. I’ve always supported Gwen’s solo efforts but it seems these days she’s more concerned about “building her brand” and maintaining her celebrity status than actually producing any work of actual substance. Pretty clear she doesn’t care about the boys or the band either.

    1. Hey, I gotta disagree with what you’re saying and I have noticed a lot of No Doubt fans who think this way. I just saw an article online about Tom Dumont living in Long Beach with his family, supporting the mayoral candidate there, going to the beach, etc. He’s got a nice little life there and I think spending time with family is the most important thing to all of the ND members. The only reason Gwen is doing The Voice in my opinion is because it’s local and won’t take too much time away from being home with her kids. It’s actually kind of sad to me when artists get older and have kids and then constantly have to leave them at home while they tour. ND (Gwen especially) is in the unique position to not have to tour, so why choose to be away from your family? That’s not something everyone wants to do. I don’t think it has anything to do with celebrity status or sponsorships, and I don’t think the boys mind if Gwen does other projects. This is just how I see it.

  4. I was missing the she doesn’t care about the boys posts lol When most bands “take a long break” a lot of solo projects from their members emerge sometimes in other directions. Jazz, Electronic etc.. We have no idea what they feel, think and want to do is so easy to blame Gwen. They put an Album not long ago and didn’t work then Gwen put 2 songs out and didn’t work either. I’m sure her confidence as a songwriter and artist is not at her highest and that’s why she’s almost re doing her album if it gets released someday.

    The mastercard deal works this way, exactly like they did with Justin Timberlake 2 years ago. I actually think its a good way to force Gwen to “work” on shows, music etc and its a great chance to meet her fans. I don’t see anything wrong about this.

    What’s wrong with re-launch her brands? she was doing a gazillion things and then suddenly was like she stopped caring, She’s 45 has kids than in a few years will be pre teens living in L.A she seems to be in a good place in her personal life unlike a few years ago and if I was her quoting Angelina Jolie I’ll try to do everything I want and can professionally before those kids are teens and then most important job will be there for them.

  5. I’m not crazy about this deal either, but at least it’s music related and I hope playing her old solo songs will ignite some passion in her to do a real tour.

    I don’t think she’s forgotten about the boys. They are headlining shows this year after all. I have a feeling the band is transitioning into a more veteran status where they want to play some shows, but not have the hassle of making new records and doing full tours. They just have so many kids between them and it seems really important to them to give their kids more of a “normal” upbringing instead of taking them out of school for tours. That’s just my assumption of course.

  6. I agree with you Jossy ! It’s Gwen she do whatever the F she wants ! Love you Gwennie Gwen Gwen..much support from me ! 💁💜😍❤️

  7. Yeah I think the gwen has forgotten about the boys comment is pretty ridiculous as well. Like amanda said they are still very much a band and performing shows this year. I get the product endorsement comment, it might be annoying to some but it is a smart business plan.

  8. At this point in her career we as fans should just be thankful for anything that forces/motivates her to release new music and play some shows again. Without The Voice and MasterCard this whole “comeback” would’ve never happened.

  9. What I meant by my comment about her choosing these transparent corporate projects over working with the boys was that just that… Her priorities have changed since No Doubt was her career, not being a celebrity creating yet ANOTHER lipstick and snow boot and tv show.

    She said in a couple interviews, “I couldnt do No Doubt because I got a call from the Voice.” When it could have been “the Voice called but I was recording with No Doubt so I stuck with the music.”

    Idk… I guess alot of fans would blindy obsess over anything she does. I’m not a fan of Gwen the celebrity so I don’t really care about the 15th clothing project she’s stamping her name on or other money-centric schemes.

    I’m a fan of the music, and thats what I want more of.

  10. Lol at the haters and “fans” who think they know what’s good for Gwen & her Career more than management,label,executives, A&R & even herself.

    Gwen does things for fans and it’s nothing but complaining. Gwen doesn’t do anything then nothing but complaining. She’s damn’d if she does she’s damn’d if she don’t.

    Celebrties have these oppurtunties to brand themselves with products even more now because the lack of music being bought. You gotta make millions in other ways & with all that it’s motivation to do projects like this MasterCard sponsored concert and scavenger hunt. Be happy that she’s still around after 20 years gettin dat kinda of exposure and we get Gwen concerts,music, & upcoming NODOUBT shows. This shit don’t last forever….think of some other bands from 1995 and musicians and where there at now??? …yea exactly

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