Exclusive: Gwen Featured In September Issue Of InStyle Magazine

Huge thanks to Julie again for sending in her scans! Gwen is featured in the newest issue (September, Beyonce is on the cover) of InStyle magazine for her amazing style! They also give us some tips on how to get “Styling A La Stefani”:

1. Declassify your wardrobe: Sheer dresses, tailored pieces, and long dresses can all go casual

2. The breezier the getup,the more dramatic the accessories. Sounds a bit off-kilter, but take a look — it works everytime

3. Adopt a signature you can always count on. Stefani has two: smashing shoes and rich, scarlet lips

Click here to see the larger scan!

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  1. I actually tore the page out of InStyle magazine and hung it in a frame where I get ready. I use it as sort of my style vision board. Gwen has fabulous style! It’s fun, funky, casual, and classy.

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