Exclusive: Fan Speaks with Gwen In London About New Music




Thank you to our good friend Michele for sending in an exclusive news tip from London!

He was able to meet Gwen and her family this evening and were able to chat a little about The Voice and all the rumors of a new solo record. Gwen told Michele that she’s “considering” the idea of coming back with new music of her own.

It’s being heavily rumored behind-the-scenes that Gwen is working on another solo record, slated for a “quarter 4” release (which we’ve been told by sources that would be around Christmas of this year).

In a recent interview with Elle, Gwen revealed that she’s “started on” new music (though she didn’t say what for), but that it would be different for her this time around. Both Diplo and Pharrell Williams are said to be working on new music with Gwen for a solo release. Sia (co-writer for Maroon 5’s collaboration “My Heart Is Open”) also shared that she had written music for both No Doubt and Gwen while writing her own material. Gwen was also photographed with producing duo The New Royales whom claim to have been working with Gwen.

With all the rumors flying around and multiple sources reporting that a new solo album is happening, we still are waiting for an official confirmation one way or the other from Gwen and her team. No Doubt were back in the studio together last spring working on new material but have since taken another hiatus to what looks like focus on family and other projects.

Thank you to Michele again for sending in his story and photos! He shared that Gwen was very polite and stopped for a few photos and signed some of his stuff! Congratulations!



15 Replies to “Exclusive: Fan Speaks with Gwen In London About New Music”

  1. ND back in studio last year, hiatus, Gwen on The Voice, new solo era, clothing line, ND performing together…. These things are getting me so confused.

  2. Maybe she doesn’t have to choose just one thing. Maybe she’ll do all things simultaneously. She’s gonna have to hustle though….and that’s one thing it doesn’t seem she likes to do lol

  3. Hmmm. Confusion. Maybe she didn’t feel the need to spill the beans to a random fan? In which case this means nothing. And how would someone that stumbles upon Gwen happen to have 2 vinyls on them?
    Is he a friend??

  4. Of course Gwen was vague in her answers. It’s understandable! We already know that there will be new music, but she won’t give much details yet. They’re keeping all under wraps.

  5. Yeah, I forgot to say that I’m loving it. It’s confusing but I like it. So many things are going to happen soon, it’s cool.

  6. Gwen looks fantastic . Great job, Michele!! You are one of the coolest and kindest guys on the internet. AND the MOST dedicated GWEN STEFANI fan I’ve ever known. Thanks for sharing with us!!!!!! <3

  7. Awe. I used to “stalk” Gwen just for an autograph too. Don’t judge the fanatic. I’m glad she is considering creating music on her own. We shall wait and see…

  8. Maybe ND already signed to play these shows by the end of the year before they went on hiatus and now they are legally obliged to play them? I still see way more signs for a solo comeback than for a new ND release tbh. But maybe ND will release some compilation with unreleased songs for Christmas with zero promotion just for the fans to make up for their hiatus. I still think that solo Gwen 3.0 is happening. Either way, fall/winter 2014 should be pretty exciting for Gwen/ND fans.

      1. I was wondering about that, too. It seems like they only update it now around anniversaries. Bummer! I was really enjoying it.

  9. I think YYY has a point… I remember getting emails from Global Citizen last year asking us to join and to be active in order to win chances to see artists like ND live.

  10. NOPE! YYY is wrong. Sorry. Spoke with people in their camp and the show with Jay-Z was not set in stone until the last month or so. The offer to do that show has been around for a while though. I’m gonna go cry now. Losing ND again, jeez. Life so silly.

  11. That means they had an agreement to eventually do it once it was all set up… Which is pretty much was YYY was saying.

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