Exclusive: Backstage In Philly, 2000

Thank you so much to Missy for not only allowing us to post this picture and story, but also going out of her way and sending us the original picture! Originally, we can across it on her Instagram and when we asked permission to post it she offered to send us the original! We also love the story that goes along with this picture! It is so awesome and sweet!:

My all time favorite celebrity is Gwen Stefani. I took this picture! I wasn’t hired to or anything, but I managed to get myself backstage when they played the Electric Factory in Philly. No Doubt might not play crazy music, but the fans always go insane and I got caught in a wave of people and was taken down…I thought I was going to die..It felt like I had 5 people on me, in reality probably only 3, anyway, her personal trainer saw me get out of the mess and go over to the side and told me if I waited by this one door after the show someone would come give me backstage passes..I waited and someone did…I met the whole band, I was so happy..my mission is to get my daughter backstage one of these days..I listened to Tragic Kingdom the whole time I was pregnant with her..she loves her too and has seen her solo but not play with the whole band…can’t wait for them to tour with their new album that comes out sept 25th! I will be able to take her to go see them in Orange County and Los Angeles!

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  1. Love it! Thanks Missy! Also stoked we finally know where all those incredible backstage photos are from now. Love her tasty top.

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