Exclusive: Anthony Kiedis’s “Scar Tissue” Excerpt On Gwen

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Thanks to Kelli for sending into us! Today we posted about Gwen being mentioned in Tina Fey’s bestselling book Bossypants, and then we were told about a mention of her in Red Hot Chili Peppers front man (and friend of No Doubt), Anthony Kiedis, autobiography, Scar Tissue. He talks about the first time meeting Gwen and how she gave the band a compliment. Many of you probably know that Flea (bassist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers) was involved in the production of No Doubt’s debut album, and Gwen was neighbors with him back in the day. She said that she would listen in on the band practicing and dug their music.

It was really hot when we began rehearsing, so we would leave the garage door open. After a few weeks of work, I ran into Gwen Stefani of No Doubt. She was Flea’s distant neighbor across the ravine on the opposite mountain. “I hear you guys play every day,” she said. “My friends come over, and we sit around and listen. It sounds great!.” It was nice to get the compliment, but it was a bit embarrassing, because we thought we were in this private world, working out our ugly spots.

Kelli also said that she is mentioned in Jane’s Addiction’s Dave Navvaro’s book as well! We will try and hunt that down, too!

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