Exclusive: Alyce And Melody’s Stories!

Customized “Gwen” Bratz doll created by Alyce Benevides

This is a pretty special post and I couldn’t wait to share lucky hardcore No Doubters Alyce and Melody’s amazing stories! The two girls have been emailing me photos and wanted to share an out of this world experience with us! Alyce and Melody are best friends are have shared three incredible stories… seriously, what dreams are made of! Not only did Melody end of up getting onstage with Gwen back on the last tour in Florida, but they also presented Gwen with custom made hats for her two boys… and I remember seeing them being photographed in them many times! Wouldn’t that be awesome!? The two girls also got to meet Gwen again at her Sephora signing last Fall, presented her more hats for Tom, Tony and Adrian and got her signature tattooed that night! Pretty surreal!

Gwen pulled Melody Fiore on stage on 6/2 in Tampa, Florida during “Just a Girl”

I (Alyce Benevides) have a small company called Knit-Head (www.knit-head.com) & I design & make hand knit hats. Our most popular hat is the Punk’s Not Dead Mohawk hat inspired by the Christian Dior one that Gwen wore in the “Underneath it All” video! I made 2 for Kingston & Zuma & gave them to Gwen at Jones Beach. She loved them & the boys were photographed wearing them!

We met Gwen again at Sephora on Fashion’s Night Out 2010 & I gave her checkerboard mohawk hats I made for her, Tony, Tom & Adrian! Gwen signed Melody’s arm & Melody immortalized it by getting it tattooed that night! 🙂

Aww! Isn’t that incredible! And check out these two cute girls!

5 Replies to “Exclusive: Alyce And Melody’s Stories!”

  1. Man, they are lucky! It’s awesome that she actually had King and Zuma wear those hats (love those by the way). It’s good to see celebs who keeps the gifts fans give them.

  2. Thank you for sharing that story. Man- that is awesome! It gave me chills to see that performance again! I’m super excited for the tour and don’t know what I would do if I got on stage! Sweet!

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