First Look at Season 9 of ‘The Voice’

Photo courtesy of Entertainment Weekly/NBC
Photo courtesy of Entertainment Weekly/NBC

Entertainment Weekly has shared an exclusive first look at season 9 of The Voice with a brand new promotional photo as well as familiar commercial spot footage.

“Everybody hears music in different ways, but yet, everyone feels music in the same way,” Gwen says while opening up the new clip. We are treated to a sneak peek at the show with Gwen rocking a gorgeous sequined red ensemble and the coaches are as funny as ever this season. Pharrell calls Gwen an “inspirational force” as she returns for season 9 alongside himself, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine. “Pharrell, he’s made such an impact on my life, and I feel even closer to him now,” says Gwen.

“Music is so powerful and you watch people achieve things right before your eyes. It’s just so magic”.

Gwen seems to be bringing back the “Team Gwen” shirts this season for her contestants with cute emojiis on them. She seems so confident and we can’t wait to root for her and Team Gwen this season!

In case you missed it, pop star Selena Gomez will be advising Team Gwen this season during the Battle Rounds.

Now that more information and footage is coming out for season 9, we’ll start putting together our coverage page for fans to follow and keep up with the latest.

44 Replies to “First Look at Season 9 of ‘The Voice’”

  1. can’t wait to see her more often!!
    … I don’t like when she wears nude lipstick, it make her botox (or whatever injection) more visible… except for that, she looks amazing! <3

    1. Such an unecessary comment.. can we build each other up and say things that benefit the well being of others

  2. Gwen looks great in this video and most importantly she’s so fun and charming. I seriously think that shows like this will be her future, she’s so perfect for such formats.

  3. Yeah Ray. I agree! I think she will do even better this time around. The show will also help her to keep her mind busy. And you can tell she’s surrounded by people who like and support her. That’s the most important thing right now.

  4. Wow. She looks absolutely incredible in the promo interviews, iconic Gwen! And I agree that ponny tail hair she’s been wearing looks sooooo much better without the black tips!

    & @ndlover, that pic with pharrells hand made me laugh so hard

  5. She looks great! I love seeing how much Gwen enjoys this show…and her and Pharrell have such a lovely friendship!

    1. @JAM I live in the UK and I have a link to watch The Voice online if you want it? I’m sure it will work where you are (not live and the quality isn’t great though).

  6. Gwenny Gwen Gwen…now it’s your time to shine. You look great and you will sound great too. Bring on that new album though…

  7. Yeah Gwen looks insanely good! I do agree with whoever said it that red lips look much better. She’s definitely a stunner still at 45 y/o!
    I noticed TONS of lovely messages on the entertainment weekly post about Gwen’s return to the voice. I think Gwen is really well loved among viewers, much more than Christina Aguilera! Not hard to understand why!

  8. I just hope she and her team wil try a little harder this time and take more advantage of her weekly exposure on The Voice. Gwen was fun last time, but I think they didn’t really use this platform to the maximum to get her own music out there. She waited way too long to perform one of her singles on the show and she picked the wrong song for this specific audience. I think if she perfomed SAW on The Voice the same way she performed it during her concert (glamorous styling, emotional vocals…), this song could really take off.

  9. I don’t see SAW being picked as a lead single. There won’t be any WOW factor since the song is already out there, you can hear to the live version on YouTube. Also, it would be silly to make that move, it needs to be something new/fresh that will cause an impact when released.
    Also, can you imagine her releasing a dramatic single now? The press would eat her alive with divorce/Gavin questions while doing promo. You guys see what they did to promote her picking Selena as team mentor.

  10. I honestly don’t think SAW is the right fit either… I think the shows audience would be more receptive to something fun, pop-ish, & more alive. SAW is too dramatic for such a fun spirited show… But who knows

  11. Cynthia, not everyone has heard SAW. It’s mostly the fans. I doubt that 90% of the voice audience even knows about that song. Anyway it hasn’t been confirmed yet if it will the next single.

  12. The media will be all over her with a new song or not. They will be checking if she smiled, looked sad, cried during a specific song etc to make headlines. she cant controle it or fight it but like it or not this put her on a special plattform to re-invent heself. She’s getting massive support from social media. As for promo I wont worry much because she’s not the only one who got divorced this summer, Im sure Blake will handle the situation with humour.

  13. I agree Cynthia…I think a single that is new to BOTH fans and non-fans would be for the best. Plus, her more upbeat or dance solo tracks have done better in the U.S. than her ballads. I can’t wait to hear SAW again, but I’d prefer something unreleased if she does put out a new single 😀

  14. I still want SAW to be a single, but I guess you guys are right and they probably want to push a “new” song.

  15. I don’t mind it being a single at some point (and it would be a strong one), but I personally would rather her “comeback” single be something new and fresh for fans and non-fans alike.

  16. I’m down for anything at this point tbh. I just don’t want the album to be scrapped.
    I’ve been thinking about some strategy we could use. Maybe BSO and EIT could help. I think we should be ready for when the single comes out and organize a campaign or something. Maybe use a hashtag on twitter to incite people to buy her song. I just hope her single won’t leak several days before the official release, though.

  17. The song needs to well on the charts. Otherwise I can’t see interscope releasing this album anytime soon.

  18. No disrespect to Gwen, but her getting a solo hit at this stage in her career is pretty unlikely anyway. At a glance, the iTunes top 150 doesn’t have one female pop star above 40 on it. I’d rather her concentrate on having fun and putting out quality music! If it ends up being successful, then that’s just icing on the cake! 😀

  19. Well BDL did moderately well with zero promo. If her next single is catchy enough I can see her having a song in the Hot 100. Why not?

  20. Of course I don’t expect her to have a top 10 hit. She just needs a more “likeable” song for the general public and do some serious promotion. Also it needs to be a song for the likes of The Voice audience.

  21. I didn’t say it was impossible; I said it was unlikely. Just being realistic here. I would be very happy for her if she released a successful single, but above all else, I desire quality.

  22. I agree, I hope for quality in the music. Gwen used to be so passionate about music and lyrics and song writing. I don’t want it to be all about being gimmicky or hip (how i felt with spark the fire).

    yeahyeahyeah i can understand why you think SAW would fit on the voice. It definitely showcases Gwen’s vocal ability. But then by that same logic My Heart Is Open would’ve been a hit as well. Or was that ever released? It’s so confusing nowadays.

    I still don’t know for sure about Kings Never Die either. Why isn’t there a real video?

  23. Rose Marie, MHIO was never a released as a single. And KND was suposed to be the 2nd single for the movie soundtrack, they did release a lyric video for it, and I’m thinking this is all the attention it will get.

    NDLOVER, the song is up on YouTube, so it’s not really something “for the fans”, it’s out there, no point on promoting and making a big hurrah on something that is already known for months. For sure it will be on the album, it that ever gets released, but it’s not going to be a single. Singles need to create buzz and build expectations. What expectation can we have for a song that’s been up since February? Anyone looking for Gwen’s music can find that online. (I’m already expecting you to reply with “Whatever”).

  24. Cynthia, not many people live under Gwen’s wing / internet. I can assure you that 90% of the voice audience does’t care about Gwen’s music at all.

  25. As long as her next single won’t be another Pharrell collaboration, I’d be happy with anthing I guess. I know many people think that Gwen and Pharrell together are “magic”, but they already tried this and it didn’t work out at all. I hope her next single will be something different and I hope she will perform it alone without Pharrell jumping around on stage for no reason.

  26. IMO, I think SAW was scrapped as a single bc Elastic Heart came out and was almost the same melody. It would be like the Beyoncé:Halo/Kelly Carlson:Already Gone snafu. If I were Gwen, I’d be a tad annoyed that Sia gave me a song and also made its ‘sister song’. I love Sia too, just think it was an oversight.

  27. ^ Basically every Sia song sounds the same. I’m sure Gwen wanted that kind of sound, the same way she wanted One Republic’s sound for BDL or Calvin Harris’s sound for Together. For some reason she picked them. I guess SAW wasn’t released because they didn’t want to risk another flop, especially after STF. They also held Shine back.
    Now Gwen can start from zero and I hope she promotes her next single as the lead / first single from the album. She can pretend the other singles were buzz singles tbh. And somehow they were kind of testing the waters with those singles.

  28. Well, I think Sia is an incredibly talented songwriter and vocalist and her songs don’t all sound the same. Gwen was probably offered SAW and fell in love with it like we did.

    I agree YYY, I love how much Pharrell has helped Gwen personally and professionally, but I don’t see why he has to be in her performances too.

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