Eve Talks About Working With Gwen

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In a brand new mini documentary for Complex magazine, rapper and former collaborator of Gwen’s, Eve, mentions working with her in the past saying she was grateful for working with Gwen. Being a huge fan at first, she wanted to work with her cause Eve thought they were similar and she wanted to meet her as well. Eve looks back at the “Let Me Blow Ya Mind” time and is really happy it happened for her to not only open new doors for herself but for Gwen, too. You can check out the full video interview on Rap-Up but we transcribed what she Eve said about Gwen below.

Gwen collaborated with Eve’s “Let Me Blow Ya Mind” in 2001 that went on to win a Grammy and VMA awards the following year. They teamed up again for Gwen’s “Rich Girl” in 2004 that landed Gwen a Grammy nomination as well.

When I wanted to do that song with Gwen, everyone thought I was crazy. They were like, that’s never going to work. I’m like, why not? It’s never been done, why not do it? To me, I look to Gwen as I’ve always been a fan of hers, that’s number one. And number two I saw, she was like me. She was like a tomboy with a bunch of dudes. She was fly, like a cute girl, I’m sure we have something in common, like this is going to work. And when it did, I got to meet her, and I was like damn, I’m glad this happened. I hate that word ‘pop’, but I gained some new fans and it opened new doors for me, so it was a good thing.

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