Eve On Collaborating: “I Knew I Wanted Gwen”

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In a new interview with Billboard, Eve speaks highly of Gwen saying that she always wanted to collaborate for “Let Me Blow Ya Mind”. Eve says that she’s always been a fan No Doubt and felt like herself and Gwen were very similar.

Billboard — “After I wrote it, I knew I wanted Gwen Stefani. She was a label mate, and I had been a fan of hers and No Doubt for years. People thought I was crazy. They’d say, ‘She’s not going to want to do it.’ Although we were so different, I felt like she was just like me. She was a tomboy who was a girly girl, and never had the chance to hang out with girly girls ’cause she was around these guys. But it happened and I proved people wrong. It was nice to do so also, especially to bunch of guys.”

13 Replies to “Eve On Collaborating: “I Knew I Wanted Gwen””

  1. They are so cute. I like LMBYM but I didn’t like how Dre produced Gwen’s vocals on it. Their SNL performance of it is one of my favorites though.

    1. I agree! They are mixed way too low! I remember downloading the single mix from somewhere when it first came out and I swear Gwen wasn’t even featured on it.

  2. I speak for myself but lately I get the feeling that Eve come across as a bit of a Gwen stalker. I know she admires her but when she suggests a 3rd collab. it sounds so forced.

    1. I wouldn’t take it as stalkerish at all. Eve just really seems to have enjoyed working with Gwen over the years (plus they’ve spawned two ridiculously successful singles together) and maybe she’s just wanting to rekindle that. It would be interesting to hear them collaborate again.

  3. You think? Hum maybe some guest rap on a No Doubt track… dunno. Either way we should feel so lucky for any songs Gwen decides to release these days. 🙁

  4. Meh please no more collaborations with Eve… LMBYM and RG are both great songs, but I just don’t see how another collaboration could ever give us something we haven’t heard before. I think they should just leave it with those two great collaborations. I’d rather habe Gwen collaborate with new and more exciting people. Why repeat yourself?

  5. I think it wouldn’t be as impacting as it was the last 2 times… the first time it was like, wow look at these two very different people come together. The next was like, Wow, Gwen solo and they did it again! But now I think this colab is played out– like when Brandy and Monica got together for a 2nd time.

  6. Yeah I have to agree with Anthony, nobody would really care about a third Eve/Gwen song. You just can’t impress people with the same old tricks over and over again. I’m all for new Gwen collaborations, but please only with new and fresh people.

  7. Like Mar-tin Sol-veig….His music and her vocals are a perfect match. Just look at his work with Dragonette

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