Eminem On Collaborating With Gwen: “She’s An Incredible Talent”


In a new interview with The New York Times, rapper and “Kings Never Die” collaborator Eminem called Gwen an “incredible talent” and says that he’s “always respected” her.

Eminem has referenced Gwen a few times in some of his songs including “A** Like That” (“So Gwen Stefani, will you pee pee on me please?”) and “A**hole” (“Good luck tryin’ to convince a blonde, it’s like tellin’ Gwen Stefani she sold out / Cause I was tryin to leave, no doubt”) but says that he’s never disrespected Gwen. “I don’t think it was ever anything that was disrespectful. I mean, maybe I said she could pee-pee on me, but I don’t care who you are — that’s funny regardless.”

He credits Gwen and says that “longevity is one of the reasons” why she was perfect choice to be featured on “Kings Never Die”.

Gwen also spoke about collaborating with Eminem on the track saying it was an honor to work with him. She said that the “process was really simple” and the call came quick to be on the song. “… all of a sudden they called me and said, ‘It has to be done today’ and I was like, ‘Ah, my voice’ — I had a cough or something. I went in and I made it happen, but it was like, barely… It was like, ‘God, why does today have to be the day my voice is not happening?’ But it ended up turning out good.”

“Kings Never Die” is available now digitally and will be available on the Southpaw movie soundtrack out July 24. A lyrics video is also set to be released the same day.

Photos courtesy of Jeremy Deputat (NY Times) and Kate Peters (Stella).

46 Replies to “Eminem On Collaborating With Gwen: “She’s An Incredible Talent””

  1. LOLOL! Jenny I love how you mentioned, “Ass like that” & “Asshole”!! You don’t even have to hear those two songs, just read the titles and know what a fucking JOKER this fool is. Complete I D I O T.

  2. I guess I’m one of those fans who can separate things. I was very skeptical about this collaboration tbh, but I decided to keep an open mind. It’s actually a great song when you really get the song and have some background.

    Btw I don’t think he’s dissing Gwen on that song Asshole. He’s actually comparing himself to Gwen.

  3. He has never dissed Gwen. In his song “Asshole” he says that you can’t “convince a blonde” to slow down referring to Gwen and himself as they are both blonde. Trying to tell a blonde to slow down is like telling Gwen that she sold out – it’s pointless. Actually he is making Gwen a compliment. The “pee pee” part in “Ass like that” is just a silly line and Gwen was the only person, who was not mocked by a puppet in the video (she was portrayed by a real actress being annoyed by the puppets), so Eminem again showed his respect.

  4. I actually really like this song and I’m praying for a video believe me I’m not a fan of Eminem but like I have said 50 times now he is very talented and at least he’s famous for being talented unlike Paris Hilton and all those other ridiculous Celebs that think they are something special…

  5. I’m not an Eminem fan, so I have no idea if this is correct, but I’ve always assumed that on Ass Like That he’s Slim Shady, an alterego, his evil, foolish side.

  6. I’ve never heard the “A. like that” song before, but I get the joke. It’s popular in Japan to pee on each others faces during intimate relations. I know… gross! I have a cousin who lives in Japan, and he tells me about all the realy weird cultural fetishes.

  7. Happy, you don’t need to go to Japan for a golden shower. Lol Not my thing but I’ve seen guys on gay sites asking for that. Anyway let’s leave it there. Not my intention to turn this into a kinky topic. 😀

  8. But golden showers is part of the topic! Lol “genius”, “talented” & self proclaimed ‘rap god’ Marshall Mathers has us dissecting his prolific lyrics and music video filled with puppets and celebrity impersonators!

  9. So just because Eminem has silly lyrics in some of his songs, he can’t be called talented? I’m sorry, but this shit is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S 😉

  10. Its TOTALLY bananas! I agree! I mean who would’ve thought there would be a discussion/post about a fully grown man rapping about our beloved Gwen peeing on him & were actually talking about it!! BANANAS!

  11. @bob you say you hate him, yet you can’t seem to stop talking about him every chance you get.

    I wish people could be positive and not rip apart every thing Gwen does. YeahYeahYeah is right, No Doubt and Gwen have many “silly” songs that fans cherish.

  12. Eminem was always a Gwen / No Doubt fan. Remember he used a sample of The Climb in his song Forgot about Dre!

  13. ^ I’ve completely forgotten about that. Didn’t he use Don’t Speak at some point too? Or was it just a mashup?

  14. He wanted to use a sample of DS in “Stan”, but ND didn’t allow it and so he used a sample of Dido’s “Thank you” instead.

  15. People are literally delusional if you’re saying he was somehow respecting Gwen Stefani by asking her to pee on him in that song.

  16. He’s wildly overrated. All of his songs oscillitate between stupid humor songs or angry shouting songs (which are considered “genius”). He’s a total misogynist and homophobe.

  17. Sorry, I didn’t mean delusional – but i mean it’s a total reach to say he’s always respected her.

  18. Bradley, I don’t think anyone is saying he is respecting her with the peeing lyrics. What I’m thinking is that his pee joke was in direct relation to Gwen being obsessed with Japanese fetishes like the Harajuku girls style. So maybe she’s also obsessed with other fetishes of Japanese origin lik golden showers. I think thats the joke. I don’t think Marshall feels he is disrespecting her with this. Its kind of a karma mentality.

  19. ^ Dude, the Encore album came out weeks before L.A.M.B. so I doubt he wrote that song thinking how much she loved the Japanese, cause he had no clue. His album was recorded between June 2002 and September 2004. The Harajuku Girls didn’t even exist at the time.
    I’m just saying that your Japanese golden shower theory is very far-fetched doesn’t make any sense.

  20. Well lets see, the Encore album came out in 2004 and the Harajuku Girls were hired for Gwen’s tour in 2004.
    So NDLOVER, before you try and burn me to the stake with your closed mindedness, ask yourself, were you there behind the scenes that you know for sure what makes sense?

    1. Whatever, dude… I guess you want to believe in something so much when all the facts say otherwise. Have a nice day.

  21. Happy, that’s such a stretch though. His album came out before her’s, and she didn’t tour LAMB until 2005 (though the album came out in 2004). Also, water sports is a big fetish here, so why is he necessarily referencing Japan at all?

  22. @NDLOVER

    iv read that and she at any point said ” positive vibes” she just says vibes. and tahts what my vibes are, and i am her biggest fan, and i am bitterly disappointed on what shes been doing so far.
    thats it.

  23. ^ LAMB, lol no comments… if someone ask you to send them vibes of course it’s meant to be positive. Who’d want negative vibes? But hey… whatever floats your boat.

  24. I still cant believe this “genius” has people (who have loved, supported and respected Gwen for years upon years) talking about her urinating. I get its a ‘joke’ but maybe he’ll make a new song were he raps about her menstrual cycle and we’ll all get to talk about that!! Everything about Marshall belongs in the gutter, he’s managed to even take our conversation there. I’m done commenting on Gwen urinating.

  25. Nobody was talking about Gwen urinating… We know it’s supposed to be a joke. Maybe he likes golden showers, so who cares? I was just stating that these lyrics have nothing to do with Gwen going solo nor the Harajuku Girls / Japan.

  26. @ndlover, I wasn’t directly speaking to you, just in general. & I understood the points you were making and discussing: “did Marshall ask Gwen to pee pee on him because she loves Japan or did he ask her to pee pee not even making that connection?” ——-it was still tied into Ms. Stefani urinating. That was my only point. ***I’m done***

  27. All I can say is I just think it was a compliment, albeit a silly one, toward Ms Stefani. As in that Eminem would like to do dirty things to her because she’s so hot! I thought that at the time too and I thought it was cool there was a Gwen look-a-like in the video.

    YYY: wow I never heard that! I wonder how that would’ve been, Don’t Speak in Stan. Dido’s song seemed to fit so well with the theme. Maybe the first verse of No Doubt makes sense lyrically though.

  28. Greats news! Kings Never Die entered the Hot 100 at #80 with basically zero promo / no radio adds.! Yay!

  29. Guys I can’t decide whether to go to riot fest or not….. Do you think it’ll be a good set????

  30. ^ I’d agree if this was The Monster part 2. That’s not the case. KND is very dark. It’s actually refreshing to hear her voice on a different kind of song for a change.

    DO*WELL*DOUBT*NOT, it’s always worth it even if they play just 1 song. If you have the opportunity to go then don’t think twice. They won’t be around forever.

  31. I wish No Doubt would do a super dark album kinda in the style of massive attack and Radiohead but Gwen loves hits I’m more of a b sides guy myself…

  32. Eminem just released a rap where he makes transphobic jokes at Cailitn Jenner, brags about being like Bill Cosby (a rapist) and how he’s made money off of misogny (he literally says it).

    I’m so disappointed in Gwen for working with him and calling him a genius in the press. She’s my absolute favorite and this is just so upsetting and shameful.

  33. I’m 110% with @bradley!! I dont understand how someone can just “get over it”—–its completely sad for those people who are desensitized by his stupid mouth or say “well that’s Eminem”

  34. In 20+ years of religiously supporting/following Gwen, I’ve neverrrrr questioned her artistry, aesthetic or taste. If Gwen were to say someone was a “genius” I would take it into account seriously because I respected her level of taste and caliber. Over the years fans have called Gwen/ND sell outs for all sorts of things but to me this is truly selling out. She had to record the track in a day? How long did she have to connect to the record, really think about it? All she cares about it getting that hit and the lime light.

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