ELLE Magazine Available In Stores Now – Literally!

Woohoo! Finally! It seems that Gwen’s cover feature on ELLE magazine that was supposed to be “available” on newsstands for about a week, but in reality, it’s been difficult to find. But, today was my lucky day and I ended up finding both covers in my hometown! I picked it up locally at Fred Meyer (a.k.a. Kroeger grocery to some) for $3.99 a piece. And oh yeah, Gwen’s L’Oreal hair color ad is inside, too!

And we also had a sighting at Target!

3 Replies to “ELLE Magazine Available In Stores Now – Literally!”

  1. after watching Gwen over the years ,im so proud of her,true inspiration ..she makes cheap look expensive,and expensive look GLAM..SO EVRYBODY ENJOYS A PIECE OF HER PASSION IN FASHION.HERMOSA, PRECIOSA Y PARA RECORDAR ANOS POR VENIR,LOVE HMC MAGNIFIQUE BELLE

  2. I am an Elle subscriber and was VERY upset when I opened my mailbox to find my issue has Robyn on the cover!!! WTF? Why isn’t Gwen on ALL the issues? Now I have to find and purchase one!!!

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