Elan Atias On Working With Tony And Gwen On Debut Album

Reggae artist Elan Atias was interviewed recently and was asked about working with Tony and Gwen on his debut album, Together as One. Elan was originally signed to Tony’s label, Kingsbury Studios in 2006. It’s an amazing album and we recommend it, if you don’t have it already! Elan mentions working with Tony and Gwen never felt like work because they enjoy music so much and have so much in common. They started working together when Gwen was recording The Sweet Escape. Elan and Gwen used to be neighbors, too!

The Celebrity CafeTheCelebrityCafe: Now, I mentioned before that you’ve done so many collaborations in the past, with really some major names, was there one project or collaboration that was your favorite for some reason, whether it meant the most to you or was the most fun?

Elan: Well, working with the Wailers, being on the road, seeing the world. It was a great experience, but all of them were special and unique in their own ways. I mean with Carlos [Santana], being onstage with him and just feeling how he sings through his guitar, it’s unbelievable, and Tony, working with Tony on that whole album, Together As One was amazing, and Gwen, just very easygoing, it just didn’t feel like work. We’re just doing stuff that we love. We’re making music together.

Actually, how it originally came about, we were just in the studio because we had been on the road and it happened to be that Gwen was doing her new album, and Tony was like “dude let’s go in the studio” so I was like alright, so we start doing stuff and he happened to play it for one of the guys and they were like “let’s do it!” and we were like okay, we’ll do it! So it never felt like work, it was just a really cool, easygoing, doing what we love experience. And all the artists I’ve worked with, it’s seemed like that. Like I said, I’m very fortunate, I’m doing what I love, and if I didn’t love it I wouldn’t be doing it.

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