“Early Winter” Included On MTV’s List Of Must-Hear Cold Weather Songs

MTV has included Gwen’s 2007 single (and last solo single!), “Early Winter”, on their list of the top 5 must-hear cold weather songs. We love what they have to say about the song, and it’s still one of my favorites off the album. Not to mention the video is gorgeous!

Stay warm, east coast!

#5 Gwen Stefani, “Early Winter”

While I spent the bulk of my Halloween weekend shivering and fantasizing about moving to Fiji, I was reminded of a fitting song for the past weekend that I cherish ever so dearly: “Early Winter,” the ice-encrusted gem found on No Doubt front-woman Gwen Stefani’s oft-overlooked second solo album from 2006: The Sweet Escape.

Co-penned with Keane pianist Tim Rice-Oxley and produced by Nellee Hooper, “Early Winter” is an astonishingly emotional, ’80′s-inspired piano-pop ballad. The song, which was originally released as a single in January of 2008, follows Stefani as her relationship comes slowly crashing to an end: “I always was one for crying, I always was one for tears,” she sadly mourns above the chilling synthesizers and tender piano chords as she braces for impact.

And although the songstress all but confirmed that she will never enter the studio again as a solo artist (which we are most definitely NOT going to talk about right now because it’s so upsetting), we’ll always have “Early Winter–her final solo single, and one her most tender, heart-wrenching numbers to date — to remember what once was the brilliance of Solo Stefani.

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