Download: Live in West Palm Beach 2007

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What a special treat! Huge thank you to Sebastian for sending us in an uncirculated concert from Gwen’s The Sweet Escape tour which stopped in West Palm Beach, Florida on May 9, 2007. The complete audio source comes from an audience recording and is really nice and clear. We’ve uploaded the show (and a cute little album cover) to BSO for everyone to download and enjoy. Gwen’s second solo tour was amazing (which included some stellar intros and medleys) and we’re still crossing our fingers for a DVD release sometime in the future!

Setlist download:

01 The Sweet Escape
02 Rich Girl
03 Yummy
04 4 In The Morning
05 Luxurious
06 Early Winter
07 Wind It Up
08 Danger Zone
09 Hollaback Girl
10 Now That You Got It
11 Don’t Get It Twisted/Breakin’ Up
12 Cool
13 Wonderful Life
14 Orange County Girl
15 The Real Thing
16 What You Waiting For?

6 Replies to “Download: Live in West Palm Beach 2007”

  1. Wow! Thank you! I wish I had been able to see this tour as it was the best of the two in my opinion.

    OCG isn’t downloading for me…anyone else having this problem?

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