Diplo Teases Collaboration With Gwen Onstage… In 2014

A Vine clip shared by Diplo has resurfaced that features what is thought to be Gwen’s unreleased collaboration with Major Lazer. The clip was uploaded and shared by Diplo himself back in November 2014.

Diplo has hinted that the upcoming track with Gwen will be featured on the forthcoming sequel to Peace Is The Mission (their album released earlier this year). He shared that Gwen recorded two songs with Major Lazer saying, “We did two songs with her: one we didn’t use her voice on it [and] we have another song that’s amazing that we’ve put to the second album because this is a two album series.”

Diplo describes the track with Gwen having “a big classic reggae No Doubt” vibe and says that Gwen “sounds awesome” on it (which we can totally hear in the clip above).

Just recently, Diplo shared with Time that he was meeting producer Benny Blanco (behind “Baby Don’t Lie”) to finish “a Gwen Stefani track for Major Lazer”.

Thanks to Doom for coming across the Vine!

6 Replies to “Diplo Teases Collaboration With Gwen Onstage… In 2014”

  1. I can’t believe we’re discovering this now lol. I like what I hear, even though it’s impossible to really say something about the song based on this tiny snippet.

  2. I’m loving the snippet. I know it’s too short to say something, but it already sounds like a potential tune. And it’s been stuck in my head. lol
    Maybe this song was supposed to be on ML’s last album, but since Gwen took more time for her record…
    I read that Diplo hit the studio with Gwen recently… I hope this material hasn’t been scrapped. Would be nice to have at least a couple of tracks with him/ML or even Jack Ãœ.

  3. Can someone figure out the lyrics? I only understand “baby baby” which reminded me of Hey Baby. But yeah I’m loving the reggae beat on this. Probably this is a better song than Baby Don’t Lie. I could almost bet. lol

  4. Yeah, I can’t figure out any of the lyrics. But I agree that it has a high Major Lazer influence to it. I can’t wait to hear the full song, it sounds so good.

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