Diplo Reveals He’s “Done Some Stuff” For Gwen’s “New Record”


In a new interview with Idolator, Major Lazer frontman Diplo has revealed that he’s “done some stuff” for Gwen’s “new record possibly”. It’s been heavily rumored by music industry insiders that Gwen is indeed releasing a third solo album at the end of the year and this just adds more fuel to the flames. Diplo collaborated with No Doubt on “Push and Shove” and released a killer remix of “Settle Down”, which was released on the singles EP.

Who else are you working with outside of the Major Lazer project?
A lot of stuff with Elliphant, another Scandinavian girl who’s pretty awesome. Usher, we did a bunch of new stuff for. Done some stuff for Gwen Stefani for her new record possibly. Rita Ora, Pusha T. Ty Dolla $ign I’ve done a lot of stuff with. I love him. I literally found him and was like, “Yo I love your stuff. I wanna try and progress what you’re doing.” He’s my favorite artist out of LA right now. He’s real dope.

Gwen is also confirmed to appear on Maroon 5’s new album, V, on a track called “My Heart Is Open”, co-written by singer/songwriter, Sia Furler.

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    1. Yeah I’m feeling good vibes from Diplo. Finally I’m starting to feel more excited about this solo thing. It hasn’t been confirmed yet but I guess it’s safe to say that she will drop a new album.

  1. I agree jenny all Diplo is doing is adding to the ruomor fire and this rumor is getting rather annoying at this point!

  2. It could mean anything.. could be he produced tracks she’s featured on.. but honestly, I’d feel slightly better about this if she had never made that comment about not wanting to do another solo album. I just don’t get it. Why say that, do a ND record that kinda didn’t do well then go back solo? ROS didn’t do well with critiques, No Doubt didn’t give up then.

    I feel like No Doubt hasn’t been and will never be the same since the initial hiatus in 04

  3. ROS got great reviews but did not sell as they had anticipaded. ND was burned when they went on hiatus in 04. Can you imagine working/touring non stop for years? Course that changed them, people change, right? If I wake up tomorrow and read on the news that they are officially calling it quits, I would still be a fan and will be for the rest of my life. ND was the soundtrack of my youth (teen till my early 30’s), how can I forget them?

  4. Anyways… P&S is one of my favorites song, so having Gwen doing a solo song with that direction would be nice.

  5. the album must be in the early stages still. i would be very surprised if it was released this year. 5 months seems like a short time to make an album plus a month or so of promotion before the release. does anyone know how long lamb or tse took to make?

  6. ROS was only deemed a commercial failure because it followed TK which went Diamond. There are very few artists that can come close to that kind of success with their follow up record. ROS still went platinum, which would be considered a success in this day in age when not many people are buying albums anymore. It’s more about the singles now. It’s crazy how times have changed!

    I’m sad that ND will be on hiatus again if these rumors are true. What happened to the excitement, inspiration, and work that they did in the first 6 months of last year? I don’t get it.

  7. Now people are talking that Madonna may join Diplo and Gwen… After all Madonna is still signed with interscope… It makes you wonder… but it would certainly create a major buzz.

  8. Just some random comments on FuseTV’s facebook. People are speculating but you know anything is possible. Instead of having Madonna and Gwen compete against each other, in the same label, they could join efforts. The internet would go crazy!

  9. Madonna and Gwen… that sounds like it would be really huge, but I’m not sure, if they’d match very well. Interscope is obviously trying to promote Gwen more to a younger audience (possible Rita Ora collaboration, Maroon 5 collaboration, The Voice…), I’m not sure if a Madonna collaboration would be such a good idea. Even though the hype would be epic for sure.

  10. I’m really suspicious about the acupuncture sessions. I wonder if there’s a music studio nearby where she goes while people think she’s in the acupuncture salon? We all know that she only records during the day while her kids are at school…

  11. I wondered why Gwen would be going for all this acupuncture, it may be legitimate but I’d like to think of it as being a cover up for recording etc..
    I agree the hype would be huge for a Madonna collab but it’s not the right audience for today, it does need to be Rita Ora, Maroon 5 etc, it’s about those big chart successes these days… Then again the charts are weird these days, I wonder how Gwen’s music will go in the charts, or how Gwen’s music will have changed? As the charts music these days is primarily dance music that would be played directly in clubs not necessarily the sort of Gwen’s last solo albums..

  12. Madonna and Gwen? I love Madonna, but I don’t think their voices would compliment each other. Plus neither one of them have had a hit in years so I’m not sure it would be as big as people think it would be. I actually think Maroon 5 is the best choice. They are a band, they are contemporaries to Gwen/ND, The Voice gig, and they are big right now. I hope their collaboration will be a single.

    BTW that’s a fabulous picture of Gwen.

  13. I think Gwen said she’d only do 1 solo album after L.A.M.B. But then she had so many left over songs from those recording sessions, the album did so well in sales, and she wanted to tour again because she was pregnant on her first solo tour. She even says on Yummy, “Only one solo, I swore.” Plus, if you watch that french DVD documentary, she’s recording “Orange County Girl” with Pharell just a couple months before the HL Tour in 2005. Then Kingston was born in May 2006, and she released TSE in December 2006. L.A.M.B. was started in 2003 and out in 2004. Definitely faster than an ND album. She may have recorded more songs secretly, and will possibly use leftover recordings. She can’t go on the voice and not release something. She’s clearly making it all about her solo career, otherwise NxD would have performed an old song on the Voice instead of just her.

    1. Hello SHANA,

      Are you french ? did you went to the mutuallité’s concert with no doubt the 6 novembre 2012 in paris ?

  14. For those who say they are not seeing her going into studios, lets not forget that she has a home studio and can record anytime she wants and not being seen. She did some vocals for P&S at her home…

    1. Yeah but she still needs sound engineering technicians, producers, and everybody’s who’s involved in the process. I can’t see her doing much at home on her own.

  15. Well, she could basically just mail her vocal recordings to the various producers and they’d do the rest. She could communicate with the producers via Skype and they could send her beats and instrumentals. Actually she wouldn’t have to leave her home at all to record an album. There’s so many ways today to get it done without the producer and the recording artist ever seeing each other in real life. You even send vocal recordings with your iPhone.

    Didn’t ND also record parts of P&S separately without being at the same studio? I could be wrong, but I think I remember an interview where they said that they discussed ideas/demos via Skype.

    1. ^ I think the band hasn’t even met Busy Signal in person at all. But I don’t know, I can’t see Gwen doing it from home where she has far too many distractions. Anyway the important thing is that she’s working on new material.

  16. YYY is right. If she’s doing it, she’s doing it at home. I’m almost positive sure that the pic with the New Royales is at her home studio.

  17. @ KAT Gwen also said after releasing Love Angel Music Baby that she would never tour the record, SHE DID, she also said that her “dance-art project” wouldnt have a follow up, the the sweet escape. “only one solo i swore”-YUMMY ——–I CANT BELIEVE YOU ALL IN DENIAL STILLLLLL HAHAHAHAHAHAH

  18. I get what you guys are saying completely. I would still support her solo record, obviously. I love Gwen. I just wish we knew what was going on with the band. It seemed as though they were in the very early stages of working on something post P&S and then we never heard about it again. I just think all fans would just appreciate some kind of update on what the plans are at the moment.

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