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For those that signed up for the newsletter, Gwen’s latest clothing adventure DWP (Design with Purpose) has launched their official online shop featuring new pants and tops. The collection is detailed as “easy go-to pieces you will want to wear every day” and is a “full ready-to-wear collection that offers today’s style conscious woman a modern chic alternative to denim and the traditional jean.”

DWP is a eco-friendly fashion label that was launched in Spring 2014 with denim guru Michael Glasser.

Photo courtesy of DWP.

16 Replies to “DesignWithPurpose.Com Now Live”

  1. All the speculating is exhausting. I didn’t take Gwen performing from that post but I would hope her team would want to capitalize on “Baby Don’t Lie” with a performance very soon.

  2. says the top 12 and gwen are live tomorrow. Why would they only mention her and not the other coaches if she wasn’t performing?

    1. Yeah, it could be a little misleading in that regard. If she is (which I’m hoping so!) then they should have said she’s performing alongside the Top 12. They haven’t mentioned anything on Twitter yet about it.

  3. I don’t think it means she’s performing, I’m tired from all the “no promo” thing, still no word when the album is due. Will see when STF is out,

  4. Well if she doesnt perform it this week I think its safe to say she will probably never perform it on tv and move on with spark the fire before the voice is over…

  5. At this point I think a Hiatus is more likely than album, no promo, no information or confirmation of anything from her Team almost a month after BDL was released is not normal for a comeback. Anyway I hope I’ll eat my words and things start moving soon.

  6. Gwen is doing an interview with the voice that is streaming live on facebook today. Hopefully we will get some music related news.

  7. Let’s hope so. Although I think they will ask only voice related questions. the voice would never ask her a pressing question about new music

  8. I’m confused, I thought it all seemed to be going so well right at very first but something has changed? I thought it was bad Diplo getting negative publicity the other day about the Taylor Swift comment… I found it weird that Diplo said that when Taylor had been working alongside Gwen on the voice?!?!?!

  9. What exactly does that have to do with Gwen? It was between Swifty, Lorde and Diplo.

    I agree that something has changed though.

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