Designer Cesar Galindo: “Working With Gwen Gave Me Confidence”

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Cesar Galindo, a designer on Gwen’s L.A.M.B. team, has come forward saying that working with Gwen has given him confidence again in designer, after the tragic passing of his partner back in 2008. That’s incredibly sweet to say, and we wish him the best with his new collection that he’s showing at Fashion Houston next week.

Chron — For the past three seasons though, he’s been designing for Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B. collection, an opportunity that came after the death of his business and life partner, Seth Cowen, to colon cancer in 2008.

“I had to take a break from my own work because it was hard to go on without Seth,” he said. “Working with Gwen gave me the confidence and excitement to dive back into my own work. Part of the business as an artist is to re-invent and re-evaluate yourself. That’s what I did.”

One Reply to “Designer Cesar Galindo: “Working With Gwen Gave Me Confidence””

  1. i think it’s safe to say that gwen inspires many people for so many reasons…if only she knew exactly how much.

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