Designer Brian Lichtenberg Admires Gwen

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Notice the “G” trend? Reminds us of The Sweet Escape!

In a new interview with Rolling Stone magazine, new clothing designer Brian Lichtenberg mentions Gwen saying that he once designed a dress that Gwen ended up wearing. He has always admired and listened to her so it was a huge honor for him. It’s always great to hear fellow designers praising Gwen and have used her for inspiration.

Rolling StoneThanks to that snappy appeal, a lot of musicians gravitate to your work. Did you enter design hoping to establish a strong bond with that creative community?

I was always really inspired by music growing up, but it was never a goal of mine. At the time, it was just a creative outlet to be designing and making clothing and accessories. Just one month after I first started selling my clothing out of my friend’s boutique in Hollywood, however, my dresses ended up on Gwen Stefani. It was then that I realized I could use my talent to dress the musicians I had always admired and listened to.

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