Dave Stewart Shares Rare Photo of Gwen

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We are super obsessed with this picture! Long time friend, collaborator and legendary Eurythmics member Dave Stewart shared this photo of Gwen on his Facebook page he took while working with her on “Sparkle”. It’s known that the two worked on the song together during The Sweet Escape writing session, though the photo makes us think it happened earlier, possibly 2003-2004.

photo I took of Gwen Stefani while we were writing “Sparkle” off the new album “Push and Shove”
https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/push-and-shove/id567659012 — with Gwen Stefani at Covent Garden – London.

18 Replies to “Dave Stewart Shares Rare Photo of Gwen”

  1. Yep I don’t think that photo is recent either. Dave meant when they 1st wrote it, I’m pretty sure. Either way she looks amazing. Love me casual Gwen!

  2. I’m pretty sure that this is during the recording of Rock Steady. I’ve seen that other picture of Gwen and Dave before years ago.

  3. Coll picture Gwen!! The recording time was definitely after her wedding in 2002- look at her left ringfinger and the wedding ring with the heart in it…

  4. Love the Photo! -Sparkle makes me daydream about 93-thows me back into the pre-tk days and how wonderful it really was. Nostalgia. I really enjoy this track

  5. I’d say this shot was probably taken on 2003 during the singles era judging by her hair colour and style.

    1. That is what I first thought, but she was also in London around May 2004, when she was writing L.A.M.B., which makes more sense. She was there for about two months with Gavin that Spring.

  6. Sparkle was rumored to be on TSE not on LAMB, so this might actually be from right after she had Kingston, the hair is messy but it does not remind of the hair she sported in 2003. And she wore the G&G heart shapped ring on several occasions, not only right after the wedding. Kinda hard to tell…

    1. Cynthia, I always thought that “Sparkle” was from The Sweet Escape sessions, not L.A.M.B. These photos are very reminiscent of her look while in London in 2004. I wish he would mention when it was, lol.

  7. He must’ve been mistaken with his comment (or is simply trying to help with the P&S promo). I think this was Rock Steady era or shortly after. I’m a long time fan of Dave’s, and know he this is his former workplace in London and he has been in LA since about 2005. It wouldn’t be impossible for him to return, but unlikely and unnecessary given they’ve both lived in LA since then.

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