Critics Loving New Harajuku Mini Line

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The reviews are coming in already for the latest installment of Harajuku Mini and they are smelling sweet… like strawberries! Okay, well maybe not really, but the media is buzzing about the new line and is making out already to be a big success for Gwen and the Target brand. Target has already confirmed that we will be seeing new items through out the year.

A Bullseye View — We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again — if only we could be kids again. We’d especially like to reverse time to play dates and naps if we could wear Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Mini line, created especially for Target. The third installment of the Harajuku Mini collection hits store this week. Remember this adorable moment from her first set? And these precious anchors and stripes from her second set?

Now, we just can’t get enough of the darling designs including, peep-through prints (think gingham peeking out from under a sweatshirt dress or as the sleeves of t-shirt) and cheeky onesies (check out the “Bruisers Athletic Department” number).

We’d wear it all ourselves if we could, but we’ll let the wee ones rock Gwen’s design this time. Shop the new installment at now and in stores this week!

Billboard — Gwen Stefani’s latest L.A.M.B. collection may be all about beehived, Amy Winehouse-meets-punk looks, but for her funky children’s line for Target, the No Doubt frontwoman and mother of two is offering up food-themed fashions.

The spring 2012 collection of her affordably-priced (ranging from $12.99-$21.99) Harajuku Mini line focuses on bright berry motifs, gingham prints and cutesy bows in reds and yellows for girls. For the boys (of which Gwen has two, Zuma and Kingston), the celeb designer has sporty pants with french fry and cheeseburger graphic prints, as well as paint-splattered separates (how practical for the inevitable stains — they’ll probably just blend right in).

The new Harajuku Mini collection — the third installment Stefani’s overseen for Target — hits stores this week.

We also added better quality photos to our gallery of the new collection here!

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