Create Your Own “Gwen Doodle” To Celebrate New Album Release (Updated)

Photo courtesy of
Photo courtesy of

A fun and nifty tool has been posted to Gwen’s site where you can upload your own photo and “find out what a doodle feels like”. Fans are able to upload their photos and will be bordered by the artwork featured on the Target exclusive deluxe edition of This Is What the Truth Feels Like that can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Once uploaded, you’re able to change the positioning and add effects to make your own version of the album’s cover. Select submissions look like they will be shared on Gwen’s official site.

Have fun and we’d love to see your submissions! Head on over to to get started.

9 Replies to “Create Your Own “Gwen Doodle” To Celebrate New Album Release (Updated)”

  1. I hope you’re not talking about my pircture! Haha, JK. That’s a good way to promo the album

  2. LOL Ed and Matheus

    I can’t believe no one has brought up Mindy Mann being pregnant? Scandalous! lol

    1. I was thinking about for the past 2 days…
      She was spotted at a photoshoot. Im already expecting a cover with her face on and the title “Gavin’s baby”.

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