Coverage: “Used To Love You” Live on the American Music Awards (Updated)

Gwen performed her new single “Used To Love You” live on the American Music Awards and was definitely one of the highlights from the show. She appeared alone onstage for an intimate performance which featured the music video in the background (with different heartbreaking outtakes) then was joined by acrobatic dancers for a nice finishing touch. Everything was amazing — her outfit, stellar vocals, the lighting — just perfect.

Gwen was wearing a gorgeous Jean Paul Gaultier gown.

In case you missed it, check out photos of Gwen walking the AMAs red carpet.

For international fans…

Gwen Stefani – Used to Love you Live at AMAs from melisa med on Vimeo.

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  1. Wow she’s really bringing out the edgy looks! Love that. She seemed a little nervous I wish she loosened up a bit on stage but I guess she couldn’t with that outfit..still was a solid performance though.

  2. Gwen killed it! Her vocals were on point! Amazing performance. Loved the visuals. Simple, still intimate but on point. Loved everything about it! I loved her outfit for the performance. Phew! After the mess on the red carpet, she saved the night. lol 😛

  3. Amazing! I’m crying right here… Love this. The contemporary dance behind her was amazing as well… I’m so in love with this era and this song, I’m blown away.

  4. I like the dancing and this outfit was way better than the red carpet. The song is zipping back up the iTunes chart! Yay!

  5. Yeah it’s certainly getting positive reactions, much more than “Looking Hot” did (although I loved that performance)

  6. This song is not performed well live. She isn’t doing any favors to herself by not moving around on such a big stage.

  7. ^ A lot of people gave her a standing ovation though you could see them rising after she finished . I didn’t even notice sting but it’s not a song you sing or dance to you just kind of watch.

  8. I don’t think she didn’t need to move at all. Look at Céline, she also stood still. This song doesn’t require fireworks, it’s all about connecting to the audience and she did a great job. lol

  9. ALL I CAN SAY IS: T H A N K G O D for no dumb juvenile black tips!!!!!!!!!! She looked like the polished 46year old, iconic, Vogue cover girl, Michelle Obama homegirl, successful designer/fashion icon (etc etc etc)—that SHE IS!! Not this latest emoji-loving/try too hard/rapping mom/STF mess we’ve all had to close our eyes to (whether you admit it or not) WELCOME BACK GWENNIE-GWEN-GWEN!!

    1. It’s funny Bob, I was just listening to STF for the first time in awhile and it hit me how embarrassingly bad it is. I don’t know what she was thinking. I don’t hate the song or anything because it has a good beat and catchy chorus, but I’d also be totally fine if she pretended like BDL and STF never happened. She’s always been quirky and cartoonish in some ways, but that era was just plain bad and not like her at all. I’m so glad she found herself again…her gift.

  10. Yes her red carpet look had a reaction. But that’s fashion and she’s a fashion icon. Fashion is taking risks, and with that risk—you’re either going to be one of the top best dressed or the worst. There’s not much of a grey area. I’d rather see this red carpet look than this accomplished icon looking like she just walked out of ‘Hot Topic’ trying to be cool.

  11. Visually her performance was stunning and I think it was very brave to be all alone on that big stage. I think this really sums it up for: It was a very brave and emotional performance and obviously people liked it. UTLY is at #27 on iTunes now.

  12. Im glad fashion risk taker Gwen is back. I’m done with playing it safe. And so what if she is showing more skin. It doesn’t make her more or less just showing a different side of her personality.

  13. Too bad the audience shot revealed a kind of lukewarm reception. Gwen’s performance was great even if it wasn’t very animated. I hope she will push through with her rediscovered musical creativity and sincerity even if massive chart success is not happening.

  14. The audience appeared luke warm because it’s not a dance beat party song and most of them might not know the it There song really requires the audience but listen, sing along and reflect. However.she did amazing, it was heart felt and even if people don’t know the song they know of her divorce and could resonate with the emotion of the song.

  15. #24 us and #21 canada I think she had one of the biggest chart gains of the night! I also hope she performs it on the voice this week to keep the momentum going (and announces album preorder but I know that will probably not happen)

  16. I hope Gwen is really proud of herself. What a perfect way to come “back” from a bad break up…looking fierce, #20 on iTunes, and I heard it for the first time on the most popular radio station in my city an hour ago. I hope she performs it on The Voice next week to keep the momentum going. Hopefully a SNL booking for UTLY and the 2nd single is soon to come as well.

  17. According to iTunes, Gwen will be singing UTLY on tomorrow’s results show of The Voice. Although last week it wasn’t accurate so who really knows.

  18. Not sure why everyone is complaining about her hair on the runway and not this mess. When will this weird and crusty slicked back look go away? Love the dress. Good for her!

  19. I know it’s call the ‘American’ Music Awards and totally forget so many of u guys are outside of the US… Does it air anywhere outside the states?

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