Live Coverage: Gwen’s Exclusive Harajuku Tea Party At Royal/T Cafe

** We have condensed the post so all updates prior to 5:30 PM are under the cut. **

7:51 AM (Wednesday)
Gwen has revealed that over $125,000 was raised for the Children’s Japan Emergency Fund with her auction!

9:39 PM
Steve posted on his Twitter what a great time he had with the band tonight!

Had a great time performing with the guys tonight,especially for such a great cause.The people in the house were rocking out.Thanx guys!!
6 minutes ago

9:32 PM
And it’s a wrap! It’s all over and what a crazy and amazing day it was! BSO gives a HUGE thank you to Donna, AJ, Paul, Jackie and Melissa for all the help tonight! We will have wrap-up post tomorrow with everything and more media will be added soon.

9:24 PM
Check out these great live shots of the band onstage from AJ!

9:05 PM
HUGE thank you to our good friend Jackie Arce for sending into us! One of her friends works at Royal/T and was able to capture a short video of No Doubt performing “Underneath It All”! We love it how they did the fast version from the last tour — so good! More videos coming soon!

9:03 PM
Check out a photo of No Doubt performing at the cafe thanks to Melissa!

8:42 PM
Thanks Paul — No Doubt performed a quick set! Below is the set list, no new music but shocking they played “The Sweet Escape”!

– “It’s My Life”
– “Underneath It All”
– “The Sweet Escape”

8:36 PM
NO DOUBT HAVE HIT THE STAGE! And according to AJ, they are performing “The Sweet Escape”. HOLY CRAP!

7:57 PM
Huge congratulations (and huge thanks!) to our friends Donna and AJ for all their help tonight at the event — they just shared their photo with Gwen! How exciting! Everyone looks wonderful!

7:41 PM
Attendees are now walking around the tables for the auction and bidding on things such as Gwen’s personal items (!!!), clothing, fragrances and more!

7:40 PM
Donna texted me and said that she spoke to a server at the party and said that the band WILL BE performing soon as well as an auction taking place right now!

There is a stage covered at the event that has guitars on it!

7:16 PM
Eric Buterbaugh Flower Designs did the flower arrangements for the tea party.

7:02 PM
Thanks to Melissa for sharing again! Here is Gwen giving her speech to the attendees!

6:38 PM
Gwen walking around talking to all the fans and signing autographs! Thanks to Melissa for sharing her photo with us!

6:31 PM

Gwen also revealed to Donna that she is wearing gorgeous brooch in her hair (on the right side) that was made as L.A.M.B. jewelry (!!!) but was never produced! Gwen also designed her beautiful romper herself that she’s wearing and it was made out of three kimonos. And her headpiece is from Japan town.

6:18 PM
Donna was lucky enough to talk to Gwen about the tea party and she said that she said it took her a few days to figure out what to do after the tragedy happened but then it came to her. This is all for the kids.

6:07 PM
Donna just texted me that Tom was speaking to her and AJ and said “… amazing summer sounds like it. It should be about the 2009 tour and is reminiscent of that but actually about something different.”

He also mentioned that nothing major and new will be in the Entertainment Weekly article this Friday (bummer!) but was just put out to promote the album being out by the end of the year, with no release date as of now!

5:54 PM
AJ was lucky enough to see Tony feeding Erin while she held baby Coco!

5:44 PM
Gwen just gave an amazing speech (which Donna recorded for us!) and is now eating two tables away from her!

5:43 PM
Look! We spy the charity Harajuku Lovers tee!

5:37 PM
AJ and Donna were lucky to meet baby Coco Kanal and we’re told she has the chubbiest cheeks! We love her!

5:30 PM

Look who’s w me! Gx
20 minutes ago

5:26 PM
STUNNING! Gwen just Tweeted us some photos of herself and the Harajuku Girls getting ready for the party! We seriously have tears in our eyes! This is turning out to be unbelievable event!


Save the children tea party just about to happen! Gx
2 minutes ago

5:17 PM
More photos of the yummy deserts!


5:08 PM
Attendees say that there has been no sign of No Doubt yet.

5:03 PM
AJ got to meet Nina Young and she revealed that her and Adrian’s baby girl should be arriving in 13 days! How exciting! And congratulations again to the Young family!

5:00 PM
Our friend Donna got to meet and hug both Nina Young and Meike Dumont! They thanked her for all her hard work on the 2009 forum tees!

4:44 PM
Here is a shot of the gift bags they are handing out to attendees!


Our friend Donna got to meet and take a photo with Gavin!

4:38 PM
OH MY GOD! IT’S REALLY HAPPENING! We told you first!


Guys in suits… ready!
2 minutes ago

4:35 PM
Here are a couple shots of the tables!


4:30 PM
Tom just Tweeted that the are getting ready for the event!

Getting ready for Gwen’s Charity event, super excited… -Tom
8 seconds ago

4:26 PM
Look what’s hanging outside!


4:22 PM
AJ texted us the first photo from inside! Looks amazing! He said that he sees all of the No Doubt families and he is lucky enough to be sitting by the kids!


4:12 PM
Gavin, Kingston and baby Zuma have arrived! Our friend Donna texted us that she just walked past them while coming in!

4:11 PM
Doors are open now!

3:58 PM
Curtis (Gwen’s bodyguard) has entered the building followed by Nina Young!

3:41 PM
Gwen’s mother Patty, Jen Stefani and niece Stella have been spotted outside the cafe! Less than 20 minutes to go!


2:19 PM
It seems pretty quiet around the Royal/T Cafe right now…

We have now moved the updates to the top of the post so they are easier to read and find.

1:58 PM
Woah! Thanks again to Paul whom received a text saying from the employee that the band was heard sound checking “Simple Kind of Life!” So they are performing? How AMAZING and UNEXPECTED!

1:53 PM
Thanks to Paul for Tweeting us, apparently the whole band is going to be there in attendance! The source comes from an employee that works there! More details coming soon!

11:18 AM
The Harajuku Girls are scheduled to appear and mingle with the guests.

Popular UK-based Japanese doll makers Momji will be involved in the event.

11:00 AM
Gwen’s tea party is scheduled to kick off at 4:00 PM PST, but the Royal/T cafe is closed all day for the event.


Today is the day! After over a month of anticipation, today Gwen is hosting her exclusive Harajuku themed tea party at the hip Royal/T cafe this afternoon in Los Angeles. She will personally be attending the event and guests attending will not only be able to see and meet her, but partake in live auctions on her own L.A.M.B. items, drink tea and taste different items off the menu. It just sounds like an amazing and unique experience for fans and we are so excited to announce that a couple of our close friends are attending and will be spilling exclusive info from inside! The money raised from the event is going Children’s Japan Emergency Fund, which Gwen continues to be more than generous to. Such a wonderful event is going to a great cause, can it get any better than that?

Like we mentioned, we will be covering the event all day and will have the latest up as it comes in! Keep this post bookmarked for updates and please feel free to send in any photos, stories and more from the tea party! Congratulations again to all who attend and have a blast!

On June 7, Gwen will host a private Harajuku-themed tea party at Los Angeles’ first-ever Japanese-style cosplay maid cafe, Royal/T. The event will be an exclusive experience and is available only through this auction. Gwen will personally host this event as guests indulge in exquisite teas and a super-kawaii seated tasting-menu experience. Guests will also enjoy a meet and greet with Gwen Stefani and take part in a raffle featuring vintage L.A.M.B. items from Gwen’s own closet. The event will be appropriate for all ages, though minors must be accompanied by an adult 18 years of age or older.

15 Replies to “Live Coverage: Gwen’s Exclusive Harajuku Tea Party At Royal/T Cafe”

  1. I am there in spirit! xD or sleeping spirit, it’ll be 12AM here (UK) at 4pm PST, oh the joy of time zones -___-
    But it’ll be nice to wake up to on a day when I have no exams, just hard core revision!!

  2. OH MY GOD. My friend asked me to go with her and I said I couldn’t because I’m broke. But she’s now going with her mom and ND IS PLAYING FOR A ROOM OF 200 PEOPLE?

    Fuck my life.

  3. oh my god fml.
    hahaha I so wish I could be there but instead I’m sat at home babysitting my brother and studying for my history exam YAY ¬_¬

    Hope someone is able to record something!

  4. We have a couple friends who are attending and said they will share everything with us! Don’t worry, we will have it all up! I’m super DUPER jealous now, lol!

  5. Hey Jenny I just want to thank you and your friends for providing us with updates on the event! You always do a fabulous job with your site! Thanks for being so awesomely dedicated, I know its hard to keep up with updates etc. and I think its awesome that you find the time to dedicate to providing news, media, etc. for No Doubt fans!

  6. Aww, thank you so much Johanna! I really, really appreciate it. No Doubt and BSO are just huge passions of mine and it’s so awesome so many others feel the same way. I know it sounds corny but it really is my pleasure updating BSO for everyone! <33 Let the new era begin!

  7. Thank you Jenny, AJ, Donna, Melissa, Paul, and anyone else who helped share this incredible experience with those of us at home.

    Also Jenny a special thank you to you for doing this every day like Johanna said. I am on your site at least 5-10 times daily trying to get the latest news. Wouldn’t be so linked in if it wasn’t for you!!!

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