Coverage: American Music Awards Red Carpet (Updated)


You can check out photos and videos of Gwen’s “Used To Love You” performance here.

Photo courtesy of Mark Davis/Getty Images
Photo courtesy of Mark Davis/Getty Images

Wowza! Check out photos of Gwen arriving and walking the red carpet at tonight’s American Music Awards. Gwen arrived at the awards show in one of her most daring and revealing looks ever. She looked stunning in a sheer black Yousef Al-Jasmi gown with hair by Danilo and makeup by Gregory Arlt. Gwen is radiating confidence and we’re looking forward to her performance of “Used To Love You” tonight.

Let us know in the poll below what you think of Gwen’s AMA red carpet look!

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  1. Her legs look nice and I’m glad Gwen is taking risks…but that outfit is bizarre. 50’s Morticia Addams who forgot to put on the rest of the dress?

  2. Well…I don’t like that dress at all, I like her hair like that, but that makeup looks so heavy on her, it’s too much imo…

  3. I actually love this dress! It’s so cute and makes her look great. Sadly I hate the hair, though. :/ I don’t know what this southern bumpit through back is but I’m ready for it to be over. It looks outdated and out of place on her.

  4. I leve everything about this! This is originality. Gwen is giving me the thrill I got with all the WYWF promo outfits. I’m so proud of Gwen! The look, the dress, the hair, the make up, those legs, the attitude!!!! Yes!!!!

  5. ✨ ⭐⚡
    I love this! This is the Gwen that caught my attention in the first place.. I don’t want her dressing bland. I like when she stands out. She is showing legs(and more) and yes the top part is poofy so what? Her make up and hair look amazing and she looks happy. Most importantly. she is performing! Let’s see how she looks then. She’s looking amazing and happy. ✨

  6. O-ohh…This is the first time I’ve thought “oh no Gwen what are you wearing!?” she once said something along the lines of not being like “those girls” (lady gaga, katy perry, Rhianna etc) cos she ‘wears pants’.
    The skirt on that dress does not qualify for lower half dressing!
    otherwise she is looking stunning….

  7. I loove the outfit but nit on her. I am still recovering from seeing Gwen showing some butt cheeks like all the other singers. But I love the hair

  8. She’s been a FASHION ICON for 20++ years! Fashion is about taking risks!! There’s no grey area for the fashion icons. I see her truly inspired again with this. Her last look on Ellen when she performed ‘used to love you’ was TRULY uninspired: the 46year old, rapping mom who just walked out of ‘hot topic’ trying to be cool. She was trying to make fetch happen with those black tips and worn out look she’s given us for tooooooo long!!!!

  9. I absolutely LOVE her 60’s inspired looks from the Voice and latest interview on Ellen!!! Hope her new album artwork is fullllllll of this

  10. She could’ve come onto the carpet 1 of 2 way….with that side hair bang thing/torn up wife beater/colorful bra straps showing *OR* a Marilyn Monroe hair style with a polka dot/lepore dress/red lip stick. Just last week I was saying the days were Gwen gave us ‘eras’ was dead and gone but I think she’s introducing one right now and it makes me excited.

  11. ^^ are these different Bobs or just the one?

    I hate to say it but this looks like the outfit you’d wear not for High Fashion motives but for “look at me! I’m still sexy and relevant!” Purposes. The top half looks like an umbrella. Gwen you stand out because you have class and style, this is not the way to show that. It looks frighteningly much like something Kim Kartrashian would wear…

  12. This was easily her worst look ever. I feel embarrassed. One thing is to take Fashion risks, other thing is to wear something as vulgar as this. She was out of her mind.

  13. Honestly, I feel like this is Gwen’s fuck you era. As an artist, She is going in a completely different direction than anyone else. The Gwen we all fell in love with is back! If you look closer.

  14. There is nothing vulgar about her dress. Sure, it’s elicit a response but whether it was positive or not, It gave you something to think about. That is what art and fashion is all about. Not to just be safe and pretty but to provoke thought n ponder why not…

  15. Some weird comments on this dress LOL Looks like fans will be split on this look just like her Golden Globes look years ago.

  16. Oh no! Gwen, what have you been thinking? Who are trying to impress, Gavin? Sorry, but you are trying too hard!!! 🙁

  17. Oh please NDlover there is nothing vulgar about this dress. And when gwen commented on a lot of artists being pantless now I believe she meant having only a panty like bottom on, her bottom half is covered by the sheer dress. If she showed up without the sheer covering it then it would be a different story.

    1. Yeah I don’t see what’s vulgar about it.

      I still can’t quite decide if I like it or not. I hate the hair, love the makeup, and I think the outfit would have been better without the peplum like Simon said (hehe).

      1. I find the dress/outfit vulgar, not Gwen lol It’s just an opinion, guys. Relax! I’m not insulting Gwen. Bad choice, was not flattering at all.

        1. And yeah the hairdo looked ridiculous on her. But hey, it’s another day, life continues. Hopefully Gwen will learn from this and rethink her next fashion risks.

  18. Definitely not a fan of that outfit. It was ugly and trashy. Never thought Gwen would wear something as trashy as that. She’s trying too hard…….And why the fake eyelashes lately? She seems to use them every single day. I don’t know, she is looking very fake lately :/

  19. I didn’t like it at all (what was she thinking?) but like someone else said I’ll take it over the woman-child emojis overload second hand embarrassment that was the STF clusterfuck.
    IMO her new post-divorce sexyback style is awesome before it was full of Zzzzz. Anyway I’m over it and it wasnt the end of the world.

  20. Lol you guys call this trashy? I’ve seen gwen wear stuff trashier than this. Anyone remember her very short dress and thigh high boots at the emas in 2012? I don’t find this very trashy at all I find it quite sophisticated and sexy.

  21. Yeah I wasn’t totally into it. I love she’s taking risks, but I just thought it was a bit much. But if she likes it, go for it!! She really seems to have this new confidance

  22. Actually I sort of dig it now that I’ve accepted the idea of a pantsless Gwen, the material looks chique and the top middle part is nice, just wish it was a bit longer.

    And hey she got everybody talking about her again! 🙂

  23. For those fans who don’t dig this look, that’s totally cool but on tv today they did a fashion recap of the red carpet and one of the fashion panelists pointed out that this is the same woman who started her career with a bindi on her forehead, wore pink corn rows, wore bikini tops over her cloths, came to award shows dressed as Alice in Wonderland with 4 silent ‘Harajuku Girls’….. Our girl has always been kind of cartoony and ridiculous…. Isn’t that what we all LOVE?? I know I do!!!

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