Country Singer Martina McBride Wants To Raid Gwen’s Closet

Country singer Martina McBride has revealed to People magazine that she loves Gwen, is in her love with her style and would love to raid her closet! Don’t we all? She’s pretty cute and funny and love what she has to say about Gwen. For her full story, click on the source.

People — She’s got an enviable figure and a rocking country career, so naturally Martina McBride has the perfect wardrobe to match. “I like things with a little edge,” she tells PEOPLE Country. “A bit of rock-and-roll toughness but still feminine.”

In addition to following fashion’s ins and outs, McBride keeps her eyes on other stars’ wardrobes as well. When asked which celebrity’s closet she’d love to raid, she chooses that of a fellow singer: Gwen Stefani! “But then I’d really have some working out to do,” she jokes.

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