Confirmed: Gwen Returning to ‘The Voice’ For Season 9


It’s official! Variety among other sources are reporting that Gwen is confirmed to be returning to The Voice for Season 9. She will be joining fellow familiar coaches Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Pharrell Williams. Carson Daly is also set to return as host.

In a statement released today, Gwen says she’s “so excited” to be back and is looking forward to working with the boys again. “I can’t believe I get to return to The Voice. It’s so inspiring to be around such incredible talent and music. I’m looking forward to working again with Adam, Blake and Pharrell. I love those guys.” Both Gwen and The Voice have expressed since season 7 wrapped that they would love to see her return to the iconic red chair again.

Blake Shelton says that the four of them “had a blast in season 7” and he’s excited for them to work together this fall.

Tickets for the Blind Auditions happening in Los Angeles for season 9 kick off on June 29 are now available via 1iota. The ticket guru site seemed to tease fans by mentioning Gwen’s name for season 9 on their site late last month but the news hadn’t been confirmed till this morning.

We’re excited for Gwen and hope she brings her fabulous talents and wisdom to the show like she did in season 7! Filming starts later this month and The Voice is set to air on NBC this September. Like we said in an earlier post, The Voice would be the perfect opportunity and platform to promote her upcoming album which Interscope confirmed that she is still hard at work on.

Gwen recently returned last season to mentor both Christina Aguilera and Pharrell Williams back in April.

In the mean time, catch up on season 7 and everything Team Gwen on our Voice Coverage page.

Photo courtesy of NBC/The Voice.

35 Replies to “Confirmed: Gwen Returning to ‘The Voice’ For Season 9”

  1. I’m so over the moon. I really don’t care about this TV show, but I’m so looking forward the next single! :]

  2. Yessss!!! Sooo happy, I’m going to request as many tickets as possible, I love that its a free way to see Gwen! I’m so excited they FINALLY made the announcement

  3. That’s really good news, I don’t think this necessarily means that we’re getting this album (or even a single) anytime soon, but at least Gwen has a platform again and can get back on the map.

  4. Well, just because she’s returning to The Voice, doesn’t mean that she has to release new music while she is on the show. Not all the coaches release new material while they are on the show. Pharrell and Xtina didn’t release anything last season. As far as we know Gwen is still taking her time with this album, so who can say that anything will be ready just in time for The Voice? We will have to wait and see. Of course chances for a new single later this year are a little higher now, but I wouldn’t take it for granted at this point. Maybe she will keep on working on the album while she is on The Voice and don’t release anything new before the season is over? Time will tell.

  5. Good for Gwen. It seems like she is really into being on this show.
    Personally I don’t understand how people can sit through this show, it’s just so evil. For me, the best thing about it is seeing what she wears each week. And if it raises the chance for new music, I’m all game 🙂

  6. I hope she selects Shirley Manson, Debbie Harry or Tony for her helper. I wanted her to be one and done with this show and not make a career out of it, but it really is the best way for her to promote new music at this point. Hopefully the mistakes made last year won’t happen again and she’ll have a solid single ready to go.

  7. Don’t get me wrong I love Shirley Manson but she’s history by now. She should get someone new. I actually think Ryn Weaver or Charli XCX are definitely a good bet.

  8. @amanda g, I think Debbie Harry would be such a good choice!!!! I think Shirley is great too but I honestly think about 95% of the voices audience wouldn’t even know who she is, she was never that commercial

  9. Oh sorry Amanda, I thought you meant as a collaborator. I agree that taking Shirley or Debbie to the program would be amazing.

  10. I’m so happy about this Debbie Harry would be fab!!! I love seeing Gwen’s outfits to be honest! This might obviously why she’s trying to get on with this album!!!

  11. I don’t think people knew who Sia was when she was first on The Voive as Xtina’s advisor, so I don’t think that matters.

  12. I really don’t care who Gwen brings as her advisor tbh. lol I just want the album and a proper promo.

  13. If she didn’t so the voice again I think the album would have been scrapped. Let’s hope it sees the light of day this time!

  14. All I know is that Gwen and Xtna look like the same age but Xtna is actually 11years younger. That’s so odd.

  15. I’M SO EXCITED!!! The only reason I’m watching this show is to watch Gwen, and the only other time I’ve seen it was season 7… watch Gwen!!!!

    Does ANYONE know if they offer tickets for more than just the blind auditions??? I don’t want to go for the blind’s, I want to buy a ticket for a night they’re doing real performances and can’t seem to find any information…

    1. Yes, tickets will eventually be available for the tapings. In the next couple months just keep your eyes peeled to for tickets to upcoming shows. I’ll try and update the site once more tickets become available.

  16. I think D means the girl pictured above, Jessie Pitts. I don’t know anything about her, but I’d guess she’s between 18-22? Gwen great for her age, but not THAT young lol

  17. Gwen looks AMAZING for her age, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. but you can tell she’s not under 35. Especially when home girl looks a lil tight

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