Co-founder of baglines Timothy Schifter on Gwen

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Timothy Schifter is the Chairman and CEO of Schifter + Partners. In 2006 he partnered with Rock star and fashion icon, Gwen Stefani to create the company. Since then, the world has been taken by storm with the brilliant Stefani lines (L.A.M.B., Harajuku Lovers), and the Jill Stuart line of handbags. These lines have become favorites with fans and celebrities alike. There is nothing like a fabulous handbag, and if it is fashionable and cool, it must have that touch of irreverent luxury.

Katrina-Kasey Wheeler: What led you to create Schifter + Partners? Were you hoping to fill a void that existed in the marketplace for “irreverent luxury?”

Timothy Schifter: Gwen Stefani and I founded Schifter + Partners in 2006 to build a portfolio of brands in the handbag category that would resonate with today’s young consumer as defined by style and attitude, not chronology. The best of a new generation of cool, creative brands highly differentiated from the sea of “me too” products on the market. From the whimsical cool of Harajuku Lovers to the sophisticated cool of L.A.M.B. with its irreverent luxury vibe.

KW: What attributes do you look for in a designer when working with her?

TS: I love working with highly creative people and enjoy translating their inspiration into a stylish and functional collections of handbags, clutches and small leather accessories that people will buy and enjoy. Gwen is the ideal creative partner because she has great personal style that is independent and individual, one of a kind, and she’s passionate about everything she does. And she collaborates so well with the whole team at Schifter + Partners.

KW: Ostensibly, you work well with Gwen Stefani. Have you been at all surprised at the success of the L.A.M.B., Harajuku Lovers, and Jill Stuart handbags?

TS: I’m always surprised and amazed by the alchemy of the creative process in fashion. From a brainstorming meeting sitting on the floor of Gwen’s living room with abstract ideas and random thoughts to samples made from materials from all over the world in short six months. And then seeing the collection in some of the best stores in the word – from Colette in Paris, Tsum in Moscow, to Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s across the U.S – a few month later.


Also, a really cute interview with Tim and Gwen that I found from 2006 here

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