Clip: Gwen Introduced to Lil Jon Backstage at Z100 Jingle Ball

Check out a quick clip that seems to be going viral of Pharrell Williams intoducing Gwen to rapper/producer Lil Jon backstage last night during Z100’s Jingle Ball in New York City.

Pharrell suggests that possibly the three could work on something together in the future and Gwen responded with “that would be amazing”. She looked excited to meet him and even had little sweet Apollo in tow with her!

Lil Jon is most notably known for releasing “Turn Down For What”, Usher’s “Yeah!”, Ying Yang Twins’ “Get Low” and “Snap Yo Fingers”.

15 Replies to “Clip: Gwen Introduced to Lil Jon Backstage at Z100 Jingle Ball”

  1. Nice video but after hearing some of his songs, I’m not sure I’d want her to work with him. But hey, you never know, sometimes amazing songs can come out of most unthinkable collaborations.

    1. I think he’s pretty cool (especially after watching and rooting for him on Celebrity Apprentice) and I’m a fan of his older stuff, too. I think it might bring something new and funky to the table for Gwen but I could see some fans being rubbed the wrong way.

  2. ^ Yeah I know what you mean. I think people are expecting a more “classic” sound from Gwen in the vein of Cool or What You Waiting For? rather than Hollaback Girl or Spark The Fire. But in the end I’m happy Gwen is doing whatever she feels right and not worrying too much about what people say. No matter what you do, at the end of the day you can’t please everybody.

  3. He’s cool, but even if Gwen doesn’t want to work w him, no way she was going to say that on camera lol she’s too polite and Apollo is so cute.

  4. OMG no…just….no. Not lil jon…or Pitbull…or anybody like that. Eminem would be cool though…I wonder why that hasn’t happened… he seems to be a fan.

    Apollo is adorable!!!

  5. I guess this means her new album won’t be released anytime soon . I was hoping it would have been out by christmas

  6. Lil Jon?! PitBull?! Eminem?!—- GOD NOOOO! Gwen has great taste in already rejecting eminem, he asked for a sample of “don’t speak” for his song “stan”—–all those guys are soooo cheesy, I would think Gwen would think the same. All lil Jon does is scream, he’s a joke even in the hip hop community. PHARRELL WHATS WRONG WITH YOU LATELY?!?!

  7. Calm down… Gwen and Pharrell were just being nice. I’m sure there’s a lot of that in the business.. “send me some samples, let’s work together, I love your stuff, etc.”

  8. Exactly can you imagine Gwen saying on camera: You suck, no way in hell I would work with you, same for Pharrell and even Lil Jon, maybe he doesn’t care Gwen at all, all knew the camera was rolling, I see Mariah Carey like rolling her eyes and walk off but not Gwen.

  9. Pharrell asking Lil Jon to do something on Gwen’s record … sounds like they’ve become desperate to cram more.meaningless songs into this album… I hope this doesn’t happen. … I mean, really?! Sheer desperation. And i knew her album wasn’t gonna be out my Christmas … she said she wanted to take her time on it again ..she felt it had been to rushed …which is good, don’t put out rushed trash Gwen … If you wanna take a little bit more time, so be it! But please don’t collaborate with Lil jon!

  10. Yeah I’m glad she decided to take more time for this record. I liked BDL but it sounded a bit rushed. At least STF is good enough. But I’m still hoping for some solid gems like Cool or 4 in the Morning. I hope Start A War or Shine are that kind of songs. I really need another great ballad from her.

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