Chart Watch: ‘This Is What the Truth Feels Like’ Era (Updated)

Photo courtesy of Interscope
Photo courtesy of Interscope

This post is for anyone who is interested in following how Gwen’s music is doing on the charts! I will continue to update this post throughout the era.



Photo courtesy of iTunes
Photo courtesy of Gwen Stefani

Used To Love You
Released: October 20, 2015
Debut: 103 on the Billboard Hot 100
Peak: 53 on the Billboard Hot 100
Other notable peaks: #10 on Adult Top 40, #21 on the Mainstream top 40

*Gwen hit #19 on the Hot AC radio for several days. The last solo woman to accomplish this in her 40s was Madonna back in 2005 with “Hung Up”
*Used To Love You crossed the 350,000 sales mark on February 19, 2016



Photo courtesy of Gwen Stefani
Photo courtesy of Gwen Stefani

Make Me Like You
Released: February 12, 2016
Debut: #54 on the Billboard Hot 100; #31 Pop Songs
Peak: #54 on the Billboard Hot 100
Other notable peaks: #12 on the Hot Digital Songs

*Just a week after impacting radio, Make Me Like You is at #28 on Hot AC radio and #38 on Pop Radio!
*Make Me Like You sold 56,106 copies in the United States in its first week



Photo courtesy of iTunes
Photo courtesy of iTunes

This Is What The Truth Feels Like
Released: March 18, 2016
Debut: TBA
Peak: TBA

Update: 03/26/16 This Is What The Truth Feels Like is expected to debut at #1 on the Billboard 200 album chart. This will be Gwen’s first #1 on the chart since Tragic Kingdom and her first solo #1. Hits Double Daily reported that the album sold approximately 81,000 units in its first week in the United States. It will debut on the Billboard 200 chart with about 88,000 which includes pure sales and streaming. Official numbers will be released by Billboard in a few days.

48 Replies to “Chart Watch: ‘This Is What the Truth Feels Like’ Era (Updated)”

  1. These are really good results for MMLY since the streaming could be a lot better. Consider Settle Down, which had a similar debut at #13 on Hot Digital Downloads and similar radio exposure, it debuted at #34 on Bilboard Hot 100. MMLY debuted at #12 on Hot Digital Download and #54 on Bilboard Hot 100. This is due to the changes in Bilboard’s streaming policies.

  2. If MMLY doesn’t see growth in streams, it’s not going to move up in the charts. This proves that this day and age, an artist can’t be sustained by simply downloading a song. Of course we all have lives, but it’s not asking for much to change from iTunes to Youtube whenever we feel like listening the song.

  3. Ya if streaming didn’t count both singles would have made top 40 maybe even to 30. The streaming thing sucks in my opinion.

  4. I am so new to this world of streaming and charts. I’m 30 years old– I remember when a song’s success depended on if you could get through to TRL on the phone (it was always busy!).

    So– to help the song, I shouldn’t just listen to it on my iTunes, but I should go to youtube and watch the video? and when the song is over — I press that circley looking thing to repeat it? Can I just play it, scroll to the end of the video, let it conclude, and then replay it (as a faster way to get more views).

    Help me help Gwen!

  5. Well the good news is that MMLY is already slaying on the radio. Yeah so Gwen’s streaming power is nothing to write home about, but the fact that she can have airplay hits as a 40+ female solo singer is beyond amazing. She defeated airplay ageism!

  6. Great debut! I suck at the streaming thing…I’m an old school “buy it” kind of fan I guess LOL It’s too bad sales only make up 39%.

    1. It’s kind of ridiculous. I think that the percentage of sales should be higher, like 45%. And tbh there are so many ways of manipulating the streaming…

  7. trivia question – have there been any chart watches/sudden sales spikes in No Doubt songs/albums since UTLY and MMLY came out? Interesting trivia that there has been approx 30Million “new” youtube views just for Don’t Speak in last 4-5 months and that song continues to grow at least 100,000-500,000 views per day . That’s just one song, but would think views would crossover to a sales spike in ND music. Is there a way to find this out?

    1. Once a video hits 100 Million views it gets certified (on Vevo) which means it will get more exposure and of course it will attract even more viewers. Also it was Tragic Kingdom’s 20th anniversary last October and the media published various articles about it.

      1. Thanks for the insight ND Lover. Hope it transcends to spike in sales , not just spike in views. Even though they historically had success internationally, feel they should’ve been so much bigger back in the peak of their time. I was in high school/college when ND first came out and we were big into all types of music (but there was so many interesting genres of music that were popular at that time and ND seems to fall under the radar IMO). seemed to have missed them completely except for a couple of their bigger hits through the years. I have really only discovered the depth of their talent and history through this most recent Gwen Stefani resurgence. I am so happy to have found them, although 25+ years late..their music is timeless and feel so many of their songs could be played on the radio today and be a hit. I have been blown away by them as a band and their story and their artistic videos and concerts …..seems they should’ve been so much bigger then they were. Maybe it was marketing , maybe it was just the era they came out and too much other competition of different genres of music . However, I have bought a lot of the digital songs just recently…hopefully there are others like me. They deserved a lot more recognition then they got…..

  8. Suggestion on how to maximize streaming counts on YouTube…
    If you watch MMLY once on YouTube, that counts as a single view. For that view to actually count, you need to let the video play to finish. If you disrupt the stream in any way, e.g. fast forwarding, speeding up, refreshing your browser, etc., it’s highly likely that the view will NOT register. Besides, who really has all day to sit in front of YouTube, right? Even extreme dedication to Gwen has its limits. So, the common wisdom then would be simply have the video playing on its own tab on loop (right click video, select loop) or repeat (same thing, but via added functionality provided by an installed browser extension). Except that, NO, looping or auto-repeating will NOT accrue any additional view counts whatsoever. 🙁
    So here’s my suggestion: there are two (2) official MMLY videos posted on Gwen’s official VEVO channel: 1. The official “Audio Only” video, and 2. The official Music Video. Viewing either one or BOTH of these will add to MMLYs streaming totals. If you go to view either video, you’ll find somewhere on the left, BELOW the video, an option to “add to playlist”. Do so, and name the playlist as you wish. Add BOTH official MMLY videos to the playlist. Click on the playlist to verify the content is as desired, and then click the play button to start the playlist. You’ll have the first video play, followed by the other. Now, on the right hand side of your playlist videos, you’ll see a list of songs on said playlist, and above that, you’ll find a icon/button that allows you to repeat the playlist till kingdom come. Voila! As long as the playlist keeps going, you’re now legitimately accruing repeated views for MMLY. Not to complicate matters, but ALL official videos of a given song count towards streaming data. Therefore, the Jimmy Kimmel performance of MMLY (only the official one posted to Gwen’s VEVO) will count as well. Ditto for tomorrow’s Ellen performance, once that’s officially posted. So, feel free to add those to your infinite Gwen Stefani streaming playlist as well.

  9. Jenny, judging from the comments here and the fact that Gwen’s core fanbase is mainly around 30yo, I think it would be cool to ad kind of a disclaimer when Gwen drops the album. Saying that playing the album on iTunes won’t count for streaming and stressing that streaming is worth 29% sales 39% airplay 34%, the importance of listening to it on Spotify or watching the official videos on Youtube.
    I say this taking myself as an example, for a long time I thought listening to an album on iTunes counted as streaming. Just a suggestion. 🙂

    1. We could also create a playlist as suggested by Echoustic and spread the word to have people to let it play on repeat. I know that Rihanna fans do this kind of stuff lol They even have days to buy or gift the singles just to give it a boost on iTunes.

  10. So, just to be clear, stream views only count on official Vevo videos? So the Ellen performance posted on Ellen’s account doesn’t count, right?

    1. Jenny – Billboard will only automatically use data from an artist’s official Vevo. Both Interscope and/or Gwen’s management, however, are free to request that other videos be considered for inclusion in the tally, particularly if that video is a popular one and is potentially siphoning views from the official clips. If they don’t request inclusion, then those videos won’t be considered. I don’t think it’ll hurt too much adding the Ellen clip though, as 75% of the playlist would still be good for the intended purpose. The Ellen UTLY performance was eventually added to Gwen’s Vevo though. So if that happens for MMLY too, then just switch out the two on the playlist at that time.

      1. Sadly no… Usually a few days or weeks later. Universal Music here does not even have a website anymore, the url redirects you to Facebook and no information about the release is up. I contacted one of the stores I always go to (they are huge national chain), and they had nothing on scheduled for the date.

    1. On iTunes it says March 18. I don’t understand your concern. If you want a physical copy I’m sure they will be available at your near store.

      1. LOL… not everyone in the planet use iTunes. I don’t use iTunes, I have a dislike for the thing, and yes, all my music is bought on both formats, digital and physical. Funny thing, after I posted this a friend emailed me and said the release will be at the end of March here (not the 18th), and our edition will have 17 tracks.

        U live in Euroupe right? U have no idea how hard it’s to find ND and Gwen stuff around here sometimes. That’s why I’m concerned, if the artist is not BIG at the moment, they don’t attention at all and we need to import.

        1. Oh sorry about that. That must be frustrating. I heard that about other countries such as Colombia, Argentina or Venezuela that had some hard time in getting some of the albums, but I thought Brazil didn’t have that problem, considering it’s a big country.

  11. Decent debut, but now it’s fizzling. Gotta book SNL Gwen… The Late Show… And maybe The Voice will let her perform since they love her so much? Lol

    1. ^That was last week. Tomorrow Billboard will announce the new charts. I’m pretty sure it will be out of the Hot 100.

  12. I have to agree that MMLY will probably drop out of the Hot 100 this week, but I’m also quite sure that it’ll re-enter the Top 100 the week of the album’s release.
    Now, if I remember correctly, UTLY entered the charts outside of the Top 100 (“bubbling-under”), climbing to 70+/80+ in the weeks following, before exiting the Top 100 altogether. Then increasing radio airplay rotation kicked in around the one month mark, and it re-entered the Top 100 before finally peaking at #52 about the time of The Voice and Fallon performances. But while UTLY’s strength as a single has been its longevity, MMLY has in fact done better than UTLY in a shorter period of time, notching a “hot shot” debut at #54 (highest debut entry two weeks ago) and showing “relative” strength in slipping “only” to #68 last week (higher than that week’s hot shot entry). Notably, MMLY has achieved more streams and airplay spins in 2 weeks than UTLY had after a month. I reckon this isn’t too bad at all, especially considering the fact all promo has been more so for the album than the single itself (compare this to the promo for UTLY, which was released in the absence of an officially announced album).
    In any case, I’m more concerned about how the album charts. If MMLY re-enters the Hot 100 and has a nice climb, and/or if “Misery” charts as well (not sure if it’ll be sent to radio Stateside or just in Europe) then that’ll be a nice bonus.

  13. Yeah it dropped out…bummer, but not really surprising. I also think it will re-enter when the album is released and hopefully there will be a wave of promo for the rest of the month into April. I’m not expecting much for album sales tbh. I’m guessing it’ll sell at least 100k in the first week and then drop like a rock. I do, however, hope that it will debut at #1 because that will be a nice accomplishment for her!

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